April Update

Knock knock. Who’s there? April. Well come on in. We’ve been expecting you.

No Sprawl For Old Men

Adventure Framework #63 is out via Patreon and to Lowlife 2090 Backers: No Sprawl For Old Men.

As the name suggests, this is a near future adventure for LL 2090, and includes rival gangs, noodle bars, nightclubs and third party raiders. More trouble than you can poke a crump at. Includes two maps, lexicon and pregens (29 pages).

Patreon Link

May’s Adventure Framework will switch back to Low Fantasy Gaming as we are alternating between Lowlife 2090 and LFG adventures month to month. ¬†

LFG Foundry Updates

Seriously this has become a monthly thing recently with Devin Beech and our other Grand Magitechs enhancing the LFG Foundry engine!

  • Compendiums crafted by @LeonardoDaLychee for all Spells (one for each naming system, i.e.: Free and Deluxe names), Class Abilities (from the Free PDF), DDM Effects, Madness Traits, and Injuries and Setbacks. These are all fully functional in the chat window and include inline rolls, DDM Rolls, and links to the DDM and other associated tables!
  • The Skills and Attributes have been separated into two tabs for easier readability on smaller screens such as tablets.
  • Attributes now have a “Base” and “Current” column. The “Base” column is purely for tracking your original stat, so that you can adjust the “Current” with all attribute buffs and drains. All of your macros will still work, as I didn’t change the name of the variables. They are still @data.abilities.{attr}.value
  • Inputs for Temp HP and Temp AC underneath their respective headers.
  • The d20 image on all items has been removed so that the icons of each item will show on the character sheet
  • Lastly, a “Favour” checkbox for use with the Cultist class. This variable (@data.attributes.favour) is assigned a Boolean value of “true” or “false” for anyone looking to make some of their own useful macros for the Cultist!

Adventures From the Shed

Speaking of Foundry, curious Joe of Adventures From The Shed (an actual play stream and podcast) has released a new video on LFG and Foundry – poking around to see how things work from the point of view of a Low Fantasy Gaming newcomer. Welcome Joe – thank you for your efforts making this – if this first video is any indication, it’s gonna be a fun ride!!

The AFTS Youtube site has a HUGE range of games: 5e, Cthulhu, Star Trek, Cyberpunk – something for everyone y’all – CHECK IT OUT ūüėÄ

Lowlife 2090 PDF is out to Backers 

The final Lowlife 2090 PDF has gone out to Backers, and with a bit of luck the hardcovers will be available from late May. We’re looking at June for general release.

Trisky Roleplays

Session 23 of Trisky’s Warhammer world campaign using Low Fantasy Gaming is out! In which Rowan and Mange both return to the new base of the Clan of the Culled, Samantha meets herself, and we have the first time-paradox subplot in this campaign…

Don’t like fantasy? Trisky has you covered with Sessions 6¬†& 7¬†of his Necromunda¬†based Lowlife 2090 game!¬†Both sessions centre around the¬†Last Choice¬†gangers trying to take a train ride in the Underhive… Which you might think shouldn’t be that hard. You would be wrong.¬†

Session 6¬†is about getting onto the train, and¬†Session 7¬†about surviving it! Includes Dark Flux effects, mutant arachnids, exploding guns, and flying Entechs. And that’s not the half of it hodas. Enjoy!¬†

Black Steel GMing – Impressions Video #3

Black Steel GMing has released his third LL 2090 video, providing his impressions and feedback on Exploits and Conditions, as well as Vehicle Combat (albeit on an earlier draft of the PDF). Some great insights in here, be sure to catch it!

Community Content

This month a quadrasonic quadcophony of excellence by PhoenixMark and Karfumble!

  • Argosan Calendar by PhoenixMark: Link
  • Cards Initiative Variant by PhoenixMark: Link
  • Excelsior (Fate points) rules by PhoenixMark: Link
  • LFG Rollable Table datafiles for Roll20 by KarfumbleLink

And that’s it for April folks. Take it easy out there.

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