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A list of Low Fantasy Gaming related products and Community Content, as at 15.2.21:


Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition (PDF & Hardcover/Softcover, Colour and B&W versions) – Link

LFG Deluxe Platinum Pic


Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting (PDFs and print via Lulu): Link

Midlands Platinum seller


Low Fantasy Gaming Companion (PDF, Hardcover & Softcover; Colour only) – Link

Companion Hardcover & Softcover thumb with silver


Adventure Framework Collection #1 (twenty two B&W Adventures not included in Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting) – Link

AFC #1 thumb

Adventure Framework Collection #2 (fourteen Colour Adventures, all post Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting) – Link

Adventure framework collection #2 Front and Back


Custom LFG character sheets for various Virtual Tabletops:

  • Roll20: Link
  • Foundry: Link and Crash Course Install Guide Link
  • Fantasy Grounds MoreCore module: Link
  • Tabletop Simulator: Link


LFG Deluxe:

  • GM Screen PDF – Link
  • Character Sheets (including form fillable PDF) – Link
  • 9 x Pregen Characters – Link
  • Minor Charms – Link
  • Starter Adventure, #13 Gift of the Silent God – Link
  • Starter Adventure, #25 Revelry in Northgate – Link
  • Starter Adventure, #40 Call of the Colossus – Link
  • Adventure Framework #15 Delecarte’s Carnival of Wonders – Link
  • Adventure Framework #18 Halls of the Dwarf Lord – Link
  • Adventure Frameworks Danger Guide – Link

LFG Original:

  • Low Fantasy Gaming (Original) – Link
  • 8 x Pregen Character Sheets – Link
  • GM Screen PDF (LFG Original) – Link
  • Illustrated Character Sheets (LFG Original) – Link
  • Midlands Region Map (colour and B&W, keyed and unkeyed) – Link
  • 6 x City Maps (B&W, keyed and unkeyed) – Link
  • Gear Packs & NPC Adventurers – Link
  • Tavern Tables – Link
  • Renamed Spells for the Midlands – Link
  • Random Session Advances – Link
  • Weather Tables – Link
  • Artificer Class – Link
  • Cultist Class – Link
  • Monk Class – Link
  • Ranger Class – Link

Actual Play Videos, Podcasts & Session Summaries

  • Hobbs & Friends
  • Trisky Roleplays
  • John Polack of Mr Mean Speaks!
  • Zach Hydra & Crew – Session Summaries
    • Slayers of the Dawn World Group A Link
    • Slayers of the Dawn World Group B Link
  • The Cast Perilous
  • Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained
  • Out of Character RPG, Silent Gods
  • Wicked Studios’ Greyhawk Adventures
  • Dungeons Musings

Other Videos, Podcasts & Reviews

  • Josh Walles of Angel’s Citadel:
    • Review of LFG Deluxe: Link
    • Review of LFG Companion: Link
  • PhilosopherZeus review of LFG Deluxe: Link
  • John Polack of Mr Mean Speaks! review of LFG Deluxe: Link
  • Interview with Mildra over at the Monastery about Lowlife 2090: Link
  • Welcome to the Deathtrap review of LFG Original: Link
  • Rob Wieland on EN World review of LFG Deluxe: Link
  • Dave Thaumavore Review of LFG Deluxe: Link
  • Out of Character RPG review of LFG Deluxe: Link
  • Joe The Blind Rat, Hindsightless Podcast:
    • S4E21 Is this the One? – Link
    • S4E23 LFG 2 – Link
    • S4E24 LFG 3 – Link
    • S4E30 There’s a time to live, a time to die, a time to meet your maker – Link
  • Damian Hupfeld, Die Hard Gaming:
    • Fantasy Grounds – Character Sheet – Link
    • Fantasy Grounds – GM Tools – Link
    • Fantasy Grounds – Magic – Link
  • Steve G “Wilderness Exploration” – Link
  • Steve G “South Marches Game” – Link
  • Jodie Brandt, QuestWise:
    • Magic Summary: Link
    • Mass Battle & Sieges: Link
    • The Classes: Link
    • LFG Overview: Link
    • First Impressions: Link
  • Brent Taylor “How to Make a PC” – Link
  • Arlen Walker of Pellam’s Wasteland talks LFG on his Podcast (two 30 min sessions): Link
  • Bloat Games LFG Recommendation – Link
  • Unboxing video of the LFG Hardcover (B&W version) by Counterproductive GamesLink
  • “Unboxing” of the LFG Deluxe PDFs by CounterProductive Games – Link
  • Steve G “flick through” of LFG Deluxe print books – Link
  • Steve G “How to Play LFG” – Link
  • Steve G “Combat Options” – Link
  • Steve G “Magic”  – Link
  • Steve G “Danger & Grit” – Link
  • Steve G  “Weapons, Armour, Crits & Fumbles” – Link
  • Steve G “Treasure & Loot” – LinkPatreon logo

Like what you see? You might consider supporting us on Patreon (you’ll also get access to the latest PDF adventures)   Link

Low Fantasy Gaming Compatible white background landscape

Community Content

Master Index with Links – Link 

  • LFG Rollable Table datafiles for Roll20 by Karfumble: Link
  • Sorcerer class by Brian C. Rideout of Deathtrap GamesLink
  • I Don’t Want to Die in Battle options by BazookBill: Link
  • Attribute Check or Luck Roll by BazookBill: Link
  • Zach Hydra’s 4 panel GM Screen for LFG: Link
  • Lowlife 2090 Character Sheet By Celtic Surfer: Link
  • Occultist Class by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • Knight and Duelist kits by Khoa Phan: Link
  • Feldsher class by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • Character Sheets by David McLees (Wikisnapper) for those looking for a Char Sheet Artist 😀 Link
  • Vampire Supplement by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • Dirty Larry’s Midlands Drug Emporium by Awesome Chips & Shawn: Link
  • Artificer Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Cultist Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Flesh & Grit Rules by Missing Axis: Link
  • The Staggering Blow (negative effects when Staggered) by Missing Axis: Link
  • Aristocrat class by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • Consolidated Treasure Tables by AwesomeChips: Link
  • Monk Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Flagellant class by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • Gunnes of the Midderlands (& LFG Character Sheet) by Tony Hawkins: Link
  • Enhanced Madness by Complex Deer: Link
  • LFG Point Buy Excel Spreadsheet by Karfumble: Link
  • Ranger Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • A Traveller’s Guide to the Midlands by Complex Deer: Link
  • The Stars are Right by Glenn Fleetwood: Link
  • Skills Amalgamation Sheet by Karfumble: Link
  • Fighter Kits by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Sorcery House Rules by TheBoo: Link
  • Medium Magic” Houserules by Glenn Fleetwood: Link
  • 100 Camp Events in a Fey Forest by Stray Sojourner (drawing on various inspirations – note this table is for 5e, but easily modded): Link
  • Weapons of the Midlands by Complex Deer: Link
  • Rogue Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Grim Keeper death variant by TheBoo: Link
  • Arcanist by Seadaily: Link
  • Way of the Four Elements (Monk Unique Feature) by Seadaily: Link
  • Magic User Power Sources by Seadaily: Link
  • Class Compendium Vol 1 by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • LFG Rules Reference by Seadaily (white & parchment backgrounds): Link
  • Factotum Class by Seadaily: Link
  • Bard Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Homebrew Ideas by Seadaily (Magical Mishaps, Adventurer’s Pet, Artificer Inventions, Custom Beast Companion Builder): Link
  • Crossclass Unique Features for JD Diaz’s Classes and Class-as-Race: Link
  • Barbarian Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Rapparee Class by J.D Diaz: Link
  • Folio of Classic Races by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Specialist Magic kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Half Skorn “Race as Class” by JD Diaz:  Link
  • Bloodbound by Brad Ohlman (GoblinScribe): Link
  • Gunslinger & Juggernaut by Complex Deer: Link
  • Druid by Brad Ohlman (GoblinScribe): Link
  • LFG Deluxe Word Template Doc: Link
  • Lycan Supplement by J.D Diaz: Link
  • Druid, Mystic & Scribe classes by J.D Diaz: Link
  • Psionicist Class by Joseph Hepler: Link
  • Elf “Race as Class” by J.D Diaz: Link
  • Dwarf “Race as Class” by J.D Diaz: Link
  • Places of Power by HomeBruGuru at DTRPG Link
  • Foe Generator by Maker’s Forge Games: Link
  • Zero Level PC Generator by Andrew Murphy – Link
  • Character Sheets by Mike Hill – Link
  • Cleric class by David B, tweaked by Dave Collins – Link
  • Eldritch Champion by Joseph Hepler – Link
  • Expanded Tavern Patrons Table by Lawrence Gillespie – Link
  • Psychic class by Seadaily – Link
  • Savaged” Initiative by David Shamp – Link
  • Skill Challenges by David Shamp – Link
  • Unique Abilities by David B – Link
  • Oracle (Psionics) class by David Collins – Link

lulu logo

LULU print products

  • Low Fantasy Gaming (Original) softcover – Link
  • Low Fantasy Gaming (Original) hardcover – Link
  • Low Fantasy Gaming (Original) spiral bound (lay flat) – Link
  • Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting (Original) softcover – Link
  • Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting (Original) hardcover – Link



  • Tshirts, mugs, stickers – Link

DTRPG logo


  • LFG Deluxe Edition (Draft) – Link
  • Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting – Link
  • Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting Hex Map – Link
  • Mass Battle Toolkit – Link
  • Traps Toolkit – Link
  • Hirelings Toolkit – Link
  • Blackpowder Toolkit – Link
  • 5e Hardmode (for 5e as opposed to LFG) – Link
  • 5e Mysterious Magic (for 5e as opposed to LFG) – Link
  • Olde World Loot (for 4e Olde World adventuring as opposed to LFG) – Link

B&W Adventures

List of Adventure Framework Danger Levels: Link

Danger levels

Adventure Framework Collection #1 (twenty two B&W Adventures not included in Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting) – Link


  • 1 – Tomb of Horutep
  • 2 – Riveraxe Village
  • 3 – Pillar Pass
  • 4 – Caverns of Melusiah
  • 5 – Ark of Phobos
  • 6 – Chamber of Eight
  • 7 – Old Bengart’s Mill
  • 8 – Silverfane Cove
  • 9 – Red Hooks Tourney
  • 10 – Temple of Shennog
  • 11 – The Lake Below
  • 12 – Rooftop Rumble
  • 13 – Gift of the Silent God (Free starter adventure)
  • 14 – Izranorae’s Tree
  • 15 – The Iron God Cometh
  • 16 – Delecarte’s Carnival of Wonders
  • 17 – Into the Furnace
  • 18 – Halls of the Dwarf Lord
  • 19 – It Came from the Sewers
  • 20 – Spire of the Void Caller
  • 21 – Eventide Isle
  • 22 – Varn Karagoss
  • 23 – Red Moon Harvest
  • 24 – Battle for Rivertop
  • 25 – Revelry in Northgate (Free starter adventure)
  • 26 – Cloudcrag
  • 27 – Betrayal at Siradorn
  • 28 – Ruins of Ashabat
  • 29 – Riddle of the Golden Rat
  • 30 – Last of the Longbeards
  • 31 – Vengeance at Trollbridge
  • 32 – Cultists in Crow’s Keep
  • 33 – Folds Between Worlds
  • 34 – Carnifexum
  • 35 – Hive of the Mudmen
  • 36 – Den of Thieves
  • 37 – Shadows & Dust
  • 38 – Curse of the Salt Queen
  • 39 – A Debt Unpaid
  • 40 – Call of the Colossus – a “Zero Level Ordeal” adventure (Free)
  • 41 – Vault of Goblin Dreams
  • 42 – Whitestone Tower
  • 43 – Dungeon Flip: More Skulls for Ulgoth – a “reverse dungeon”
  • 44 – A Perilous Voyage
  • 45 – Hanging City of Nenchagi
  • 46 – Fane of the Frog Gog

Colour Adventures


  • 47 – Blight Over Brynderwold
  • 48 – Tower of Baal
  • 49 – Nest Beyond the Stars
  • 50 – Night at the Green Goblin
  • 51 – Assault on Dunmark
  • 52 – A Creeping Tide
  • 53 – The Deck of Many Things
  • 54 – Rise of the Starborn
  • 55 – Well of Demons
  • 56 – Shadow Over Wistwood
  • 57 – Fens of Molot Baat
  • 58 – Cliffs of Elletarn
  • 59 – Prophet of the Pit People
  • 60 – Winterwold

15 thoughts on “PRODUCTS & CONTENT

  1. Oh sorry Fred – I am still waiting on the final proof (should arrive this afternoon actually) – I didn’t mean to make the book general access yet! I just took it down for the moment, but will be back up later this week to stay. As for hardcover…. I do mean to compile that too, it will take another couple of weeks though I’m afraid (to recheck the formatting etc, I’m not sure if the sizing is slightly different). Cheers, Steve G.


  2. Hi Stephen, you’ve made something great with LFG. I’m thankful you made it available free, and it didn’t take long for me to want a hard copy for my table use (and several of my players have since followed suit). We’ve been playing this system for a while now and have had a blast! So much so in fact that I’ve made an LFG version of my foe generator available here: Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much! I just spent half an hour generating all kinds of foes and it works like a dream. You’ve got names, cool descriptions, cool loot, even special abilities for captains in there – and combat spell summaries! And it looks great too! Wow!

      I read your “About” piece – 100% resonates with me 😀 Making your own world is truly half the fun. The other half is your players exploring it – and wreaking untold havoc! 😀

      Do you mind if I put this as an update in the current Kickstarter and as a blog post on the LFG site – I’m certain folks will love it!

      I feel like I should repay you somehow but I’m not sure how. If you’d like any free PDFs, or if there’s some other way I can help, by all means shoot me an email at . And thank you for the feedback about LFG; I’m super glad you guys like it 😀


  3. I’m looking at the user-submitted cats, and I’m not exactly sure how they work. Take the knight and duelist kits, for example. Do those abilities replace some of the standard fighter abilities, and if so, which ones and is there a level progression? Or do they add possibilities to the Adaptable feature?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. David I believe those abilities are extra stances the Fighter can choose to learn, as part of the Adaptable class ability. But the authors for all the Community Content are on the LFG Discord, if you prefer to ask them directly.


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