December Update!

Time for the December update y’all πŸ˜€

GM Hobbs & The Gamerhood

GM Hobbs once again smashed it out of the park this month, with FOUR EXCELLENT LFG sessions!

  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #7
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #8
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #9
  • Midlands #23

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

If you want in on a game, be sure to jump on The Gamerhood Discord server and give GM Hobbs a shout out!

Discord Link

Foundry Update

Another big thank you to Qwerty Conjurors Devin Beech and The Bog Witch for their latest LFG updates in Foundry – improving Skill and Luck rolls. Now you can choose an attribute to modify Luck rolls, and on a success your current Luck will automatically be reduced πŸ˜€

Additionally, Devin has been hard at work on a Lowlife 2090 Foundry sheet! What he’s shared with me so far in beta testing looks SUPERB – we’ll keep you updated on how that project progresses πŸ™‚

Lowlife 2090 – Roll20 sheet!

Arch Technocrat Brent Taylor has fashioned an amazing Roll20 sheet for Lowlife 2090! If you’re familiar with the LFG Roll20 sheet then you already have a good idea of how this one works. There are a few tweaks awaiting processing by Roll20 admin – but YOU CAN PLAY LOWLIFE 2090 RIGHT NOW ON ROLL20!

Thank you so much Mr Taylor for all your hard work – appreciate it brother!

** LL 2090 Backers we will have a Kickstarter Update post later today about this, and much more **

Mr Mean Speaks!

Not one but TWO AWESOME actual plays of the draft Lowlife 2090 rules by Mr Mean and his shady crew of lifers! Really appreciate y’all taking the time to play and record these sessions lads – grateful for your feedback and comments.

We’ve already adopted feedback from various quarters in the evolving ruleset (particularly our Discord discussions) and we’ll have an updated PDF out to Backers in late Jan 2021.


Celtic Surfer Lowlife 2090 Character Sheet

Still on Lowlife 2090, the rarified Celtic Surfer has gone and made a sweet PDF form fillable Lowlife 2090 character sheet! Thank you very much indeed CS! Get your free download here hodas!


Interview with Mildra

I recently sat down (virtually) to chew the fat with Mildra about Lowlife 2090 earlier this month. It was good fun to be back in the Monastery – thanks for having me on again boss monk! Gamers Mildra has been absolutely cranking out the RPG content these last few months – if you haven’t checked out his Youtube channel lately, 2021 is a great time. And don’t forget to join the Monastery Discord too πŸ˜‰

Youtube Link

And that’s the final curtain on 2020 peeps. Have a great NY – and bring on 2021 already!

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