(Late) Nov Update!

I know I know – it’s December – but better late than never, am I right?

GM Hobbs & The Gamerhood

Widely feared yet respected GM Hobbs brought the thunder again this month, with a slew of LFG action!

  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #3
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #4
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #5
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #6 (I think they’re getting the hang of this 😀 )
  • Midlands #22

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

If you’re interested in getting in on the action, be sure to join The Gamerhood Discord server and say hello!

Discord Link

Foundry Character Sheet

Another huge thank you to Code Savant Devin Beech for his latest LFG additions in Foundry – including a VERY AWESOME NPC sheet, plus Basic LFG Monster & Weapon Macro Packs – WOOT!!

Three New Reviews

Three new LFG reviews have hit the interwebz! Thank you very much John, Brian and Rob for taking the time to do these – glad you’re having fun with it!

Mr Mean Speaks!


Welcome to the Deathtrap


Rob Wieland on EN World


The Cast Perilous Episode 7

GM Jeff and crew are back with Episode 7 of their evocative podcast, set in Necrotic Gnome’s Dolmenwood.


Episode 7: Interlude (including “Beatrice and the Cave”)

Upon the seeming completion of their adventure beneath the Inn, our heroes witness the beginning of a “perfect” day. Might it be that a new adventure is lurking just beyond the horizon? And as we rejoin our wandering pilgrim, Beatrice, she experiences her own quite perilous adventure in a cave beneath the boughs of the Dolmenwood…

Trisky TV Sessions 17, 18 & 19

Trisky & Co have uploaded FIVE NEW LFG sessions – Clan of the Culled Ep’s 20 – 24 on Twitch!

Twitch Link

Community Content Update

A double release this month, dig in y’all!

  • Occultist Class by JD RPG Productions: Link
  • Knight and Duelist kits by Khoa Phan: Link

And that’s a wrap for Nov 2020 folks!

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