October Update

It’s the October Update folks!

Adventure Framework Collection #2 is Out!

Adventure Framework Collection #2 is out in PDF and Colour Softcover via DTRPG!


Hobbs & Friends

Holy Schizzle y’all an absolute bunch of adventures from GM Hobbs and The Gamerhood this month:

  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe Session 0
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #1
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #2 (they were indeed cursed, given the end!)
  • Midlands #20
  • Midlands #21

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

If you’re interested in getting in on the action, be sure to join The Gamerhood Discord server and say hello!

Discord Link

Foundry Character Sheet

A massive thank you to High Technomancer Devin Beech for having his LFG character sheet loaded onto the Foundry database for easy access!

Slayers of the Dawn World by Zach Hydra

Interested in reading some amazing session summaries set in Zach Hydra’s Dawn World Setting? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Well happy day my friend – they’ve been compiled into two very handy docs – Enjoy!

  • Slayers of the Dawn World Group A Link
  • Slayers of the Dawn World Group B Link

PDF Form Fillable Character Sheets by David McLees

Some gorgeous character sheets (PDF form fillable) by the amazing David McLees (aka Wikisnapper) – for free download! If you’re looking for a character sheet illustrator, contact David at Mr.Ajax@Gmail.com 😀

Dropbox Link

The Cast Perilous Episodes 5 & 6

GM Jeff and crew are back with Episodes 5 & 6 of their evocative podcast, set in Necrotic Gnome’s Dolmenwood.


Episode 5: Dark Places (Part 3)

Herein, the young adventurers of Tull’s Fork have an encounter with the mysterious Drune! Meanwhile, Beatrice of Woodhall Priory sets off on a journey to meet her destiny in the Dolmenwood…

Episode 6: Dark Places (Part 4)

In honor of Halloween, we give you our spooky finale for “Dark Places.” Ro, Dell, Jolie and Burne finally confront the Boggart in the ancient tomb beneath Tull’s Fork! Can our heroes rebind the blood-drinking fiend before it does further harm to their village?

Trisky TV Sessions 17, 18 & 19

Trisky & Co have uploaded their latest Mordheim LFG videos Episodes 17, 18 and 19 on Youtube!

Episode 17 – An Angry Discovery

Episode 18 – Shattered Eardrums and Alex’s Empathy

Episode 19 –

Youtube Link

Community Content Update

A triple release this month, two items by the Most Excellent JD RPG Productions, and one care of the Triptastic duo Awesome Chips & Shawn!

Dirty Larry’s Midlands Drug Emporium by Awesome Chips & Shawn: Link

Feldsher class by JD RPG Productions: Link

Vampire Supplement (including an adventure!) by JD RPG Productions: Link

And that’s a wrap for October y’all!

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