Sept Update

Plenty going on this month y’all! 😀

Charity Game

GM Overlord Jason Hobbs ran a charity LFG game back on Aug 29th, in support of the Heroes Save Villages charity campaign! Includes yours truly reprising the role of Noordac the Short Sighted. Recorded for your viewing pleasure, of course!

Twitch Link

Foundry VTT Character Sheet

Yes! Foundry users rejoice! Programming Magi Devin Beech has made an LFG Character Sheet for use with your fav VTT of choice.

All you have to do to install the system is follow the link below to the repository on GitLab and either clone or extract into Data/systems/lfg. Enjoy!

The Cast Perilous Episodes 2, 3 & 4

GM Jeff and crew are back with Episodes 2, 3 & 4 of their excellent podcast!

Episode 2: A Song of Goats and Fireflies” (Part 2)

Fleeing from the awfulness transpiring in the old lichyard, our heroes hope to hide out in Rosemary’s cottage. They quickly learn that their adventure is far from over, as they find themselves engaged in a fateful meeting at the stone circle on the hill…

Episode 3: Dark Places (Part 1)

A quiet evening in Tull’s Fork turns into something else entirely. Meet Burne, the butcher’s son and Jolie, the barmaid turned outlaw as they join Ro and Dell (and Sage the dog) for an impromptu monster hunt!

Episode 4: Dark Places (Part 2)

Having followed the barn monster all the way to the cellar door of “The Hare and the Hound,” our heroes prepare for their first experience with an old school dungeon delve! What lies beneath Tull’s Fork?

They Might Be Gazebos OSR Retrospective

Gaming Aficionado and All Round Excellenteer Chuck brings you a snack sized overview of LFG! Check it out and be sure to peruse Chuck’s other fine posts while you’re at it :DD

Trisky TV Sessions 1-15 Master Playlist

Trisky & Co have uploaded their curated Mordheim LFG playlist – Episodes 1 – 15 – YES I SAID 15 – on Youtube!


Episode 16 coming soon!

Youtube Link

Stephen’s Hobby Workshop – LFG Playtest

The Laudable Stephen Smith is blogging about running an LFG playtest with his wondrous World of Weirth setting. Includes alternate Magic and Death & Dying rules – take a peek and be inspired!

Community Content Update

This month two brilliant expansions from the fevered mind of the Most Magnificent Goblin Scribe, Brad Ohlman!

  • Artificer Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Cultist Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link

Adventure Framework Collection #2

Alas and alack! The latest proof of Advenutre Framework Collection #2 had some formatting errors, so we’re now waiting on the next proof… Hopefully AFC #2 will be available by the end of October!

Lowlife 2090 – Funded!

For those interested in Lowlife 2090 it funded with bells on, unlocking four stretch goals for Backers, including the GM Screen inserts and 3 x Adventures! Thanks again to everyone who supported us – GUESS WE BETTER GET WRITING BATU!

Discord Link:

And that’s all for September folks, game on!

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