Holy Shizzle it’s the home stretch!! 

48 Hours Left and we’re nearly 300% funded!!

As of right now we’ve already unlocked stretch goals for the (1) GM Screen inserts, and (2) the No Sprawl For Old Men Adventure, and we’re only AUD 1,500 off unlocking the Easy Come Easy Go Adventure too! (which, combined with the Intro Adventure Tap Out Tuesday, will give all AUD 20+ Backers THREE adventures to kick off their campaign with :DD) 

And who knows – with a bit of luck – we might unlock Highway to Hell too!

Kickstarter Link

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for helping us get some of the best industry artists on board for Lowlife 2090. We can’t wait to get those commission pieces rolling in and share the design process with you over the next few months. Exciting times ahead 😀 

And for now, some Sneak Peaks!!

Draft Combat Chapter Header

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