Jan Update!

GM Hobbs & The Gamerhood

First up GM Hobbs and crew took to the wilds of the Midlands once more, with two new exciting LFG sessions!

  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #10
  • Chronicles of the Cursed Axe #11

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

If you want in on a game, be sure to jump on The Gamerhood Discord server and give GM Hobbs a shout out!

Discord Link

Foundry Updates

Praise be to Devin Beech who has finished the Foundry Character Sheet for Lowlife 2090! 

And not just the Character Sheet – but also an NPC Sheet, Adversary Sheet, and Boss Sheet! 😀

Note that if you’re a bit of a Foundry noob like me, you’ll want to install some of the excellent free add on modules from the community. Based on my own brief tinkering, I recommend the following:   

  •  Dice So Nice! (makes 3d dice roll on the screen)
  •  Dice Tray (adds d4-d100 quick roll tray in the bottom right of the chat bar)
  •  Pings (hold left click for a short time for a ping effect)
  •  Chat Portrait (adds token portraits to chat bar messages)
  •  Chat Images (instantly drag images from your hard drive or the net into the chat bar)
  •  Token Animation Tool (turn off token movement animation, enabling tokens to move instantly)

But that’s not all. Oh no!

Devin and Mettle from the Discord server have also updated the DDM and added an absolute STACK OF ROLLABLE TABLES as a Low Fantasy Gaming compendium- including tables nested within tables 🙂 Note that for the nested/linked tables to work properly in the chat, all tables must be dragged into the Roller’s “Roll Tables” tab on the sidebar. This isn’t necessary for use, just convenience. You can still roll straight from the compendium, but if you haven’t put them in your Roll Tables tab then the nested/linked table is not clickable from the chat.

Thank you so much Devin & Mettle for your hard work on these data tables!

Trisky Roleplays

Session 1 of Trisky and crew’s Lowlife 2090 game set in the bowels of Hive Primus has released! Now’s the perfect time to jump on board as the Necromunda gangers begin their journey, securing a new ride for their departure to another hive… and getting sidetracked by a woman and her dog! Session 2 is scheduled for Jan 31 at 1pm EST – don’t miss it y’all!

And don’t forget Trisky’s LFG based Mordheim game – now more than 20 Sessions strong 😀


Mr Mean Speaks!

What ho! TWO great actual plays of Low Fantasy Gaming care of John Polack – aka Mr Mean – with players none other than GM Hobbs, as well as Josh & Joann from Angel’s Citadel! 😀 Tune in to find out how Angie the Barbarian, Lothar the Ranger and Mavius the Magic User fare on their quest for Lord Brayton


Angel’s Citadel – LFG Review

Speaking of Angel’s Citadel Josh recently produced a terrific LFG review! Super glad you’re enjoying it sir, and thank you so much for the shout out – Check it out peeps!


Review by PhilosopherZeus

A Low Fantasy Gaming character creation exercise, coupled with a fine review!

Cheers PhilosopherZeus! Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this review together – very happy to hear you’re enjoying LFG my friend 😀 Have a read y’all – and be sure to check out PZ’s articles on Castles & Crusades, Barrowmaze session reports, and more!


And that’s the update for Jan 2021 y’all – Keep on Gamin’!

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