9 thoughts on “What is Low Fantasy Gaming?

  1. This is a great-looking rpg with some fab content. Have you ever thought of adding in a cleric class, and even expanding the scope to include high-fantasy? Seriously, this is one of the most well-presented and thought out low fantasy games I’ve seen. If it evolved into a mega 300-page hardback with more classes and spells… Or even a supplement with the ranger and monk included? This is good stuff!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement Matt. I’m working on an LFG setting at the moment (which includes in the Player Options section the Ranger, Monk and Artificer (non-magical inventor/tinker), out in the next few months). But after that I might very well make “High Fantasy Gaming”. I’ve had a few inquiries about it. I suspect it wouldnt take too much to tweak/add more for a high fantasy version (…famous last words?)


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