7 thoughts on “LFG Core Features

  1. It seems odd that the base game would exclude classes like: Priest, Cleric or even Paladin | Templar… yet includes something as obscure as a Cultist main class.

    Any particular reasoning behind this?

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    1. The cultist is more broad and allows you the flexibility to flavor a character more like a paladin (with Lay on Hands and a form of Smite) or a cleric (with Turn Undead, other blessings, and spell casting as you prefer. Especially as you add other custom abilities as the character levels up.

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      1. Originally Clerics were essentially Paladins (or fighter-mages). They were the mighty fighting men of the gawdz. They didn’t even get any spells at 1st level.

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  2. I Have just finished reading the deluxe game. Iā€™m excited about running the system. I have one question though, do mages roll a die or aptitude check to successfully cast spells?


    1. Hey Mark, thanks for reaching out šŸ™‚ LFG spellcasting is like D&D, there is no test to cast. If they take damage before their turn however they cannot cast that round, and the DDM roll always applies to see if they get an extra effect. Hope this helps.


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