Feb Update!

It’s the Feb Update y’all! I know I know better late than never ;P

GM Hobbs & The Gamerhood

GM Hobbs and crew were slamming back the LFG sessions in Feb!! FOUR NEW SESSIONS of Chronicles of the Cursed Axe to watch y’all – Episodes 12, 13, 14 and 15!!

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

If you want in on a game, be sure to jump on The Gamerhood Discord server and give GM Hobbs a shout out!

Speaking of which, I believe I’m booked in for a session with Hobbs, Jason, Brian, and Koostosh (Entine) at 6pm EST on 27 March – so be sure to tune in! Don’t worry I’ll put out a reminder post closer to the day 🙂 Noordac the Short Sighted returns!! Maybe he will hit something with his crossbow this time. We can only hope ;P

Discord Link

LFG Foundry Guide

Dread Electromancer Devin Beech has once again gifted us with a Step-By-Step Crash Course for using Foundry with Low Fantasy Gaming – including a list of macros and very handy modules to add to your new set up 😀

Download it here and take full advantage on your new VTT! Link

Much love to Devin, Mettle & Bog Witch for all your toil on the LFG & LL 2090 Foundry materials! Greatly appreciated!

Trisky Roleplays

Trisky and crew have been super busy with THREE Lowlife 2090 sessions since last we met!

The Last Choice gangers have moved from Hive Primus to Hive Acropolis seeking out new opportunities… Opportunities such as a mad max style demolition derby, crossing blades with against another gang leader, and attempting to eliminate ganger rivals The Rats


And don’t forget Trisky’s LFG based Mordheim game – now more than 20 Sessions strong 😀


Mr Mean Speaks!

Session 3 of John Polack – aka Mr Mean‘s – Low Fantasy Gaming campaign is out!

GM Hobbs, Josh & Joann from Angel’s Citadel, and veteran Meanie Nasser combine to kick serious cultist butt this session – If you like giant spiders (and who doesn’t?) you don’t want to miss this one!


Angel’s Citadel – LFG Companion

Of course Josh from Angel’s Citadel also does RPG reviews – and has followed up his earlier LFG review with a look at LFG Companion! Link

Thank you so much Josh for taking the time and very pleased you enjoyed it 😀

Mendoza City Map – Print Tests

Just a quick video of myself mucking around with some Mendoza City map prints 😀

Cartography by the awesome Rafal Zatwarnicki of New Horizons – check out his sweet maps here: Link

Lowlife 2090 Hardcover First Proof

Hot off the press is the first proof of the Lowlife 2090 hardcover 😀

As you can see we’ve gone with the original Daniel Comerci cover depicting a vehicle chase in Mendoza City. We had some insurmountable problems with ink levels and DTRPG’s print on demand limitations with the Richard Bagnell cover (the three characters image used in the Kickstarter campaign). We’ll be sure to use Richard’s illustration somewhere in the interior instead!

Roachtown Rumble

The first of our LL 2090 Backer Adventure Rewards – Roachtown Rumble – went out a few days ago by email to Backers and Adventure Framework Patrons. Cover art by the incredible Matt Morrow, Dwarf image by the insanely good Dean Spencer, Cartography by the always awesome Miska’s Maps!

The March Adventure Framework will rotate back to Low Fantasy Gaming!  

New Community Content!

Three awesome Community Content items this month – enjoy! A big thank you to BazookBill and Zach Hydra for sharing their work with everyone – you rock gents! 😀

  • I Don’t Want to Die in Battle options by BazookBillLink
  • Attribute Check or Luck Roll by BazookBillLink
  • Zach Hydra’s 4 panel GM Screen for LFG: Link

And that’s the round up for Feb 2021 folks, have a great week!

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