March Update

Holy Hell it’s end of March ALREADY – where is the year going people!!??

Barrow of the Broken

Right let’s kick off with Adventure Framework #62 – now out via Patreon: Barrow of the Broken.

Damn it’s good to be making fantasy adventures again! I really enjoyed putting this one together. Hope you have fun with it.

Patreon Link

The April Adventure Framework will switch back to Lowlife 2090 (we are alternating between Lowlife 2090 and LFG adventures month to month).  

GM Hobbs & The Gamerhood

GM Hobbs and crew are back with Chronicles of the Cursed Axe Sessions 16 + 17!

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

If you want in on a game, be sure to jump on The Gamerhood Discord server and give GM Hobbs a shout out – with a bit of luck you might be able to join a muster for his Midlands West Marches campaign.

Discord Link

And yes I thought this shot of Hobbs laughing was just perfect so there you go Hobbs. Look at them all having a good time with their cameras and computer dice. Outrageous! Sean more sound boarding needed man, c’mon. Erin, keep up the superb recaps and spell slinging. Jason, ok, fine, you’re allowed into Australia. Hawk, what can I say, try not to get killed 😉

BTW if you haven’t seen Hobbs’ & Arlen’s LIBRAM SOCIETY highbrow book club podcast – get on and watch it!

LFG Foundry Updates

Online Keymasters Devin Beech, Karfumble and Tom Straszewski have graced our electrorizons with some LFG Foundry Updates!

  • Green highlight on successes and red highlight on failures
  • Compendium of all weapons and items from LFG Original, with rollable item costs
  • Weapon Attack macros
  • NPC sheet improvements: Luck dropdown, rollable HD and No Appearing
  • Some code/bug/typo fixes

All hail the Grand Concord of Codefexi!

Trisky Roleplays

Session 5 of Trisky and friends Last Choice campaign is out!

The Last Choice gangers decide to carry out a smash and grab operation for their Boss Lady… Which of course means more smashing than grabbing – particularly of the explosive kind. And chain axes. Always with the chain axes ;D


Prefer fantasy? Look no further than Trisky’s LFG based Mordheim game!


Mr Mean Speaks!

Session 4 – The Finale! – of Mr Mean‘s Low Fantasy Gaming campaign has come and gone. Did you miss it? WELL NEVER FEAR – it’s been recorded for posterity and we would love for you to see it!

GM Hobbs, Josh & Joann from Angel’s Citadel, and veteran Meanie Nasser face off against a half spider, half human witch and her charmed Lord… Will the party prevail, or will they too fall to the arachnid’s dark magicks?

PLUS bonus final LFG impressions from the crew at the conclusion! Not to be missed.


Pellam’s Wasteland – March Madness Character Creation Videos

Speaker of Tomes and one half of the Libram SocietyArlen Walker of Live At Pellam’s Wasteland – has been doing March Madness Character Creation videos this month – one of which was a Low Fantasy Gaming session!

Lots of excellent games to check out here, including Dragon Warriors, Barbarians of Lemuria, Forbidden Lands, Beyond the Wall, and much more! Get into it peeps!


d100 Advocate LFG Overview

Master of all Trades and Pop Sensation Brent Taylor returns with a smashing 10 min LFG Overview!


Poor little chaotic evil goblin. Never knew what hit ‘im. We want to see more from Brent so let’s get those likes and subscribes happening folks!

World of Weirth

All right all right all right. If you haven’t seen Stephen Smith’s blog about gaming awesomeness then it’s HIGH TIME YOU DID. The gent has been playtesting his Swords & Sorcery World of Weirth Campaign Setting with a hybrid LFG ruleset (including custom magic rules yo) and is 19 playtest sessions deep! Jump in and have a poke around. Lots of interesting articles in here and some fantabulous art to boot. Ripper!


Lowlife 2090 Progress

Work continues on Lowlife 2090’s core rulebook. We’re in final editing now, all the art is in, along with the index and OGL. Still on track for an end of April release to Backers, assuming the final proof looks good. Might get pushed back to end of May if it needs further tweaking. In the meantime here’s two of our fav commissions from Dean Spencer! (Spriggan Entech on the left, Skorn merc on the right).

The form fillable PDF Character sheet and 9 x Pregens are now available for download from DTRPG. 


And for those considering making Lowlife 2090 compatible products… we have a logo for you 😉 

Available now for download via DTRPG (comes with a transparent background, same link as above).

Wiley Gambit Gaming Lowlife 2090 Content

What ho! Wiley Gambit Gaming (aka Celtic Surfer) now has a site and not one but two Lowlife 2090 supplements in the works! Adventures in Babysitting (an adventure) and Notable Bars, Clubs, and Cafes: Navy Blue (I believe a super improv handy locations supplement). As you can see the mock ups are superb!

Did I mention Celtic is a sweet artist too? SHOW HIM SOME LOVE Y’ALL!


Black Steel GMing – Impressions Video #2

Black Steel GMing has released his second Lowlife 2090 video, providing his impressions and feedback on (i) Unique Features, and (ii) Combat. Some great insights to be gleaned from perhaps the world’s most deadly Ruminator of Rules – Face your fears and mash that play button! 

Sorcerer Class by Deathtrap Games

Who wants a juicy spell points Sorcerer class with a big ol’ mug of Wild Magic to go with it. WE DO!

Big cheers to Brian C. Rideout of Deathtrap Games for putting this together. I have to say it looks like a DAMN FUN class. I mean that wild magic table has it all: vomiting, nakedness, horse heads, time stops, devils, butterflies – YYYEESSS!


And sadly my dear batus that brings us to a close for March 2021.

Good gaming to ye.


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