May Update

Like a roundhouse of gaming goodness to the head – it’s time for the May Update.

Seven Doors of Memnos

First up, Adventure Framework #64 is out via Patreon: Seven Doors of Memnos.

This Low Fantasy Gaming adventure involves a bout of frostbitten tomb raiding, in search of seven witch idols from the Second Age… Total 26 pages, including not one, not two, but SEVEN mini tomb maps, plus Pregens.

Patreon Link

June’s Adventure Framework will switch back to Lowlife 2090 as we are alternating between Lowlife 2090 and LFG adventures month to month.  

Class Toolkit Compendium by Goblin Scribe Gaming

Now what have we here!?

Brad Ohlman of Goblin Scribe Gaming has released a 49 page PDF of new LFG class options!! Within this august tome you will find:

  • 190+ New class abilities to customize your favourites! (Including the Psion & Druid).
  • The Druid Class: A wild shaping druid, inspired by classic fantasy themes.
  • The Folio of Classic Races: A quick guide for using new races in Low Fantasy Gaming, emulating old school feels of the game that started it all! (14 in total).
  • A few new weapons scattered about!
  • 2 New Unique Features, Druidic Gifts (Cross Class) & Find Familiar!

SO MANY COOL ABILITIES to choose from – perfect Unique Feature inspiration – Pick it up now from DTRPG right here!

If Mr Mean likes it, you know it has to be good!!

Midlands Map with Adventure Framework Locations by Zack Hydra

The Esteemed Zack Hydra from our Discord has gone and marked up John Stevenson’s Midlands map with all our Adventure Framework locations! The keyed map is up to date with AF 64 and we will keep updating it with each LFG adventure release. Comes with a 3 page PDF that explains which adventure relates to which location number.

Thank you so much Zack for the work that went into compiling this!

Grab it free here gamer peeps!

The Langpool Incident

GM of legend Simon unleashes a ragtag bunch of Varnori fighters – Entine (played by Eryk), Ozkar (played by Loren), Smean (played by Will of Wicked Studio’s fame) and Noordac (played by yours truly) – on an unsuspecting Northgate. On a mission to loot and plunder, we instead somehow manage to drink and blunder ourselves into a much larger entanglement…

Adventures From the Shed

Immortal Joe of Adventures From The Shed has released two new LFG videos! The first is Joe’s impressions poking around the early pages of the Deluxe PDF, and the second an interview with myself ๐Ÿ˜€

Jump on over to Youtube and check ’em out y’all!!

Lowlife 2090 GM SCREEN PDF

The Lowlife 2090 GM Screen PDF went out to Backers earlier this week via DTRPG…

Making a Lowlife 2090 PC 

Want to make a Lowlife 2090 character?

Well, I mean look at the size of your dice bag – OF COURSE YOU DO!

It’s SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN batus. I mean if this crump can do it anyone can.ย 

Lowlife 2090 Hardcovers “Coming Soon” 

The latest Lowlife 2090 proofs look terrific (see pic below; the latest version is on the right) and we’re expecting the final proof in the week of 14 June. Discount hardcover links will go out to Backers at the same time.

General release (PDF and print) will be later in June or early July. We’ll be sure to announce it here when it happens ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unlucky Rolls

Sessions 8 & 9 of Trisky’s Necromunda based Lowlife 2090 game are out! Knife parties, melta gun madness, a big bad with an outrageous Aussie accent named Grodzy! What more could you want? Why oversized hybrid Crotalids Big Bertha and Mr Bitey of course! Check out the mayhem peeps!

Community Content

This month a quivering quintet of grand gamerment by PhoenixMark, Complex Deer, HoustonRPG and DBareford! Legends One and All – we salute you!

  • Northgate Map with Colour Districts & Taverns Key by PhoenixMark: Link 
  • Festivals & Holidays of the Midlands by Phoenix Mark: Link
  • Revised Naval Rules by Complex Deer: Link
  • More Than Human (demi races) by HoustonRPG: Link
  • Cold Weather Survival rules by Dbareford: Link

And thatโ€™s the May roundup my friends. Go now, and seek your fortune.

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