Lowlife 2090 Hardcovers

The Lowlife 2090 PDF & Hardcovers are now available via DTRPG!


Want a closer look at what’s inside? We thought you might! Here’s 30 or so pages, including the Contents, What is Lowlife 2090? and Core Features pages.

Just hit pause to peruse at your leisure 😀

Roll20 and Foundry VTT character sheets available.

Free GM Screen PDF inserts (Link) and Form Fillable PDF Character Sheets (Link) via DTRPG. 

2 x Free PDF Adventures: Roachtown Rumble (Link a short intro adventure) and No Sprawl For Old Men (Link) via DTRPG. 

Question: Yeah, but how easy is it to make up a PC for this cyberpunk sorcery mash up?

Answer: Super EASY + super FUN.

** NOTE **

DTRPG announced this month that costs for Premium Colour Hardcovers are going up by an eyewatering 45% from 1 July 2021 (this is due to Lightning Source, their printers, increasing their costs by 45%). DTRPG appear to be as outraged by this price hike as everyone else. 

So, if you want to order the Premium Colour Hardcover, do it before 1 July 2021! 

As a result of this turn of events however, we have decided to also make Lowlife 2090 available in Standard Colour Hardcover. We understand Standard Colour Hardcover prices will either stay the same or reduce from 1 July 2021 – so it will be significantly cheaper than the Premium Colour Hardcover. That should happen in the next month or so. We’ll announce it here as soon as they’re available.  

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