June Round Up

Wassup gamerkin it’s time for the June Round up!


Let’s kick off with FALLEN STAR – our second proper Lowlife 2090 adventure – is now available from DTRPG!



Wiley Gambit Gaming has released not one but two excellent Lowlife 2090 PDF products on DTRPG!

Well written, practical, and with amazing art to boot – check them out if you haven’t already – highly recommended batus 🙂   

1. Notable Bars, Clubs, & Cafes: Navy Blue: gives Lowlife 2090 players a location in a middle-class district of Mendoza City where players can meet, get jobs, and have fun. It’s intended to help game masters flesh out their own games by doing some of the work for them. This title includes background information on the bar, its owner, and some of its staff. It also includes plot hooks that can be hand chosen or rolled for on a d6. DTRPG LINK 

2. Adventures in Babysitting: Part 1 of a multi part adventure for Lowlife 2090, in which players are hired to participate in a virtual reality experiment by Bharat Engineering, ostensibly to develop next gen VR tech. Unfortunately, Bharat Engineering has ulterior motives…   DTRPG LINK 


A lowlife 2090 session set in the Judge Dredd Universe!

A massive thank you to JD (JD RPG Productions) for running this scenario, and to Hook, Coco, Connor and Brad (Goblin Scribe Gaming) for playing! I had fun an absolute blast as June (even if she did lose an ear – lucky she can buy another one).

Maps by the goddamn amazeballs Frag Maps! Check out his cooler than cool Patreon right here: Patreon Link


Not one but two interviews with Brad Ohlman, head writer of Goblin Scribe Gaming, chatting about his life, loves and fantastic Class Toolkit Compendium for LFG! Want to chat with the man himself – why not jump on our Discord and say hello! Discord Link

The first with His Holiness Head Monk Mildra:

And the second with the Mythic Mr Mean:

Speaking of Mr Mean, be sure to check out his First Impressions vid of the Lowlife 2090 hardcover, and interview with yours truly!

John runs all kinds of awesome games on his channel – particularly those with an Indie focus – jump on his super friendly Discord to get amongst it peeps! – Discord Link


Both the Foundry LFG and LL 2090 modules received updates this month for v.0.8.8, care of Grand Technomancer Dab! The Exulted One has also created a Discord server named Code-382 to manage Foundry VTT related requests and updates for both systems. If you’re a Foundry user be sure to join up for the latest updates, and to provide feedback direct to the Machine God himself!  Discord Link 


The latest two sessions of Trisky’s Necromunda based Lowlife 2090 game are now ripe for your viewing pleasure – don’t miss ’em y’all!!

1. Nauticland Part 2: In which The Last Choice gang chills out in The Nauticland – Spa and Resort

2. Eastern Base Assault: In which The Last Choice gang assaults the Eastern border of The Mistress’ territory, on the border of the Manufactorum District.


And last but certainly not least we have two excellent LFG offerings from Dbareford and Hook!

  • Sha’ir – Master of Genies class by Dbareford – Link
  • Halfling Class by Hook – Link

And that’s the kit and kaboodle for June y’all. Hope you had a great one 🙂

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