July News

Wassup gamer peeps, it’s time for the July update!!

Standard Colour Lowlife 2090 Hardcovers

Given the July 1 Lightning Source/DTRPG price hike on Premium Colour books, we decided to make Lowlife 2090 in Standard Colour as well, and they’re now available via DTRPG.

Note that whilst the Standard Colour books are substantially cheaper than Premium (USD 45 vs 75), they are less crisp, darker, and have less rich colour tones. Our profit margins are the same on both, the difference in price is all printing cost.  

And just a reminder that if you like what you see, or you’ve played some LL 2090 and enjoyed it – please consider leaving a star rating or short review! 


HOLY SCHIZZLE Y’ALL – David Bareford of Bareford Press has gone and made a GASLIGHT DARK FANTASY game based on the LFG engine – and I must say it is EXCELLENT. When I read it I was like YES I CAN PLAY PENNY DREADFUL with this :DD

It’s actually in two PDFs.

The first is GASLIGHT CHARACTERS VOLUME 1: DTRPG LINK which introduces us to the Bludger, Detective, Libertine, Resurrectionist and Unlikely Hero classes. I don’t want to spoil anything but the themes are really strong, and the various abilities much broader than combat, which is as you would expect for a game of this style and setting.

From the Bludger’s “Bought Off” ability (turns a law enforcement officer corrupt), the Libertine’s “Sycophant” (essentially a free NPC hireling), and the Detective’s “Beggar’s Network” (allowing you to gain a clue or other useful info), there are just heaps of cool things to choose from as your character progresses.

I understand Volume 2 is in the works, with another five classes: Mesmerist, Metamorph, Occultist, Pugilist and Sin-Eater 😀

Part 2 is the 18 page GASLIGHT TOOLKIT: DTRPG LINK

The second volume is 18 pages with perfectly themed art. It includes suggestions and tweaks to integrate Artificers, Bards, Cultists, and Monks, as well as revising some Unique Features and Skills. The new Party Bonds table is pure gold. Light sources, weapons, and armour are covered, as well as a Defence rule to make up for a lack of armour in the setting. Finally there are “Flesh & Grit” alternative hit points (care of MissingAxis), and tips about a running a Gaslight setting, including social class and morality mechanics (with input from WikiSnapper) 🙂

If you’re interested in some dark fantasy gaslight GO GRAB THEM!!


The original high res Mendoza City Map image file is now available from DTRPG. The original image is 8.5 inches x 11 inches, but prints surprisingly well at larger sizes.  DTRPG LINK 


Work has commenced on the Lowlife 2090 third Kickstarter Stretch Goal adventure reward, which should be available to Backers by the end of August.


Grand Technomancer Dab has been hard at work on some Lowlife 2090 Foundry updates! Thank you Dab!

  • Items and Weapons are now rollable from the sheet.
  • Crits, Fumbles, Nat 19s, Great Successes & Terrible Failures are highlighted. Crits auto calculate max damage 🙂
  • The weapons roll will pop up a dialog (different for melee and ranged) for you to add any relevant modifiers. Once an attack is rolled, you can roll damage from the Damage button in the chat. 
  • DEX has been added to the Attack Stat dropdown to show some love for those Exarchs. 
  • Adversaries and Bosses now have 3 Attack fields and associated Damage fields. These are also rollable from the sheet (and damage from the chat). 
  • The Skills have been updated to match the final rule-set. 
  • Social tab now includes a space for keeping track of your Ceracoin, as well as a skinnier box for the Heat Rating. 
  • Items now have a dropdown for the Supply Type next to the number input box.
  • Added Heavy to Adversary Sheet and Car Crusher to both Adversary and Boss Sheets.
  • Added Level to Lifer Sheet.
  • Changed Disguise skill to Disguise and Forgery. 
  • Added Class Abilities tally (4 Types: 1 Class and 3 Crossclass) to Lifer Sheet.
  • Tweaked ammo section on Weapons Sheet. 
  • Added Special Ammo and associated Sheet and Table (in Combat tab).


In addition to LFG and LL 2090 adventures, we’ve been working on some general LL 2090 supplementary material. So far we have nine new guns, fourteen new cyberware pieces, and six drones. Spells, magical items, monsters, Unique Features, GM tables and more are planned, but we’ll see how we go. More sneak peeks next month!

Text WIP – Art by the superb Matt Morrow


Wiley Gambit Gaming has released a third excellent Lowlife 2090 PDF product on DTRPG – Notable Bars, Clubs & Cafes: Next Gen Cafe! In this second volume of Notable Bars, Clubs, & Cafes, we are introduced to Next Gen Cafe, the owner Alea Valwraek, two of her employees, and the minotaur hacker Linelo “Jason” Agilevigor (including character sheet). The hand-painted artwork – including a SWEET MAP – with descriptions of each section is just gorgeous. Includes multiple tables of interesting adventure hooks. What more could you ask for in a Pay What You Want title!



Two excellent reviews of Lowlife 2090 came out this month! 

One by Brian of Deathtrap Games: LINK 

And one by Josh over on Angel’s Citadel: LINK 

Thank you so much gents for taking the time to do these reviews – greatly appreciated 🙂  Both sites provide a slew of great gaming insights and table relevant material – be sure to check out what’s on offer peeps!!


A Lowlife 2090 session set in the Judge Dredd universe! A massive thank you to JD (of JD RPG Productions) for running this scenario, and to Hook, Coco, Connor and Brad (Goblin Scribe Gaming) for playing! I had an absolute blast as June the Influencer – even if she did lose an ear..  Luckily she can buy a new one 😉 


The latest session of Trisky’s Necromunda based Lowlife 2090 game is now out! Alas there were some technical difficulties so only the last hour was captured – but it’s a great hour! Personally I think VIP should go to Spider the Dog on this one. 

Community Content

A sextet of gaming superbium this month by PhoenixMark, Deathtrap Games, David McLees and Wikisnapper! Thank you gamer friends for your contributions on Discord!

  • White Ash Rot disease by Phoenix Mark – Link
  • Ghoul Fever disease by Phoenix Mark – Link
  • Lowlife 2090 Char Sheet by Deathtrap Games – Link
  • Oracle (v2) class by David McLees – Link
  • Mouslings by Wikisnapper: Link
  • Morality mechanics by Wikisnapper: Link

 And that’s a wrap for July folks, see you again next month!

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