Sept Round Up

Holy shit so much happening of late! Take a peek!

Unnatural Selection

Our third proper LL 2090 adventure, Unnatural Selection, is now available from DTRPG! LINK

The crew steal a package that turns out to be more than they bargained for, propelling them across Doza and into the notorious Exclusion Belt! Includes two maps, lexicon, and 6 x Pregen characters.

The Price of Fame

Bareford Press has released The Price of Fame (LINK)- a Most Excellent adventure for use with their Gaslight Toolkit, which converts LFG to a Gaslight Dark Fantasy game (check it out here).

The adventure is an urban mystery of supernatural horror, pitching the heroes against an unnatural hunger that grips scores of townsfolk each evening. Can the PCs find the source of the hunger… or will they end up as its next meal? Includes 6 pregens plus new mesmerist and pugilist classes!!

For 3 dollars and 29 pages of awesome what are you waiting for peeps – get your Penny Dreadful on!!

Foundry Updates

Electron Overlord Dab has gifted us with several further Foundry updates for both LFG and Lowlife 2090. Much appreciated Dab thank you!

LL 2090:

  • Tested compatibility for 0.8.9
  • Early updating for v9
  • Drag and Drop reordering for Items
  • “Shift + Click” for rolling attribute, initiative, and luck checks with advantage from sheet. “Alt + Click” for disadvantage

And for LFG:

  • Tested for compatibility with 0.8.9
  • Started v9 updates for easier transition when it becomes stable
  • Fixed bug where Earth Elemental from the Monsters compendium showed up during play as an Air Elemental
  • NPC/Monster Luck does not decrement on a successful check, as per LFG RAW
  • Terrible Failures for attribute checks are now capped at 20
  • Items, Effects, Spells, etc. are now able to be reordered by dragging and dropping

Social Encounter Drop Table

I’ve been thinking a lot about Emergent Play lately and decided to try a “Social Encounter” drop table for Lowlife 2090, and similar cyberpunk games: LINK (includes white background variant).

There’s a bit of lifer slang in there (eg Trem = junkie, Beck = office worker, Peacekeeper = cop, CTAC = Catastrophic Transmutative Arcane Contagion), but it should still be quite useful for most sci fi and cyberpunk games.

It was really fun making this so I’ll probably make a few more – if you have any topics in mind (LFG or LL 2090) let me know!

Lowlife 2090 Supplement Sneak Peak

Besides adventures and drop tables we’re steadily working on some general LL 2090 supplementary material. Here’s another sneak peak!

Out of Character RPG videos

Out of Character RPG over on Youtube has released four awesome LL 2090 videos in the last few weeks – including (i) an interview with yours truly, and (ii) character creation video, and (iii) the first two sessions of their brand new Lowlife 2090 campaign!!!  

Check them out y’all – you will not regret it!

Earth 2090 Setting

Zhusanjiao Resident has released an intriguing “science fiction only” setting for Lowlife 2090 named Earth 2090 Link

The 25 page PDF includes reimagined races, timeline, Hyperspace, two new subclasses (the Exarch Hacker and Shaman Hacker), environmental hazards and mutation.

As if that wasn’t enough – ZR has also gone and made Earth 2090: Zhusanjiao Link – a China based sprawl with extreme surveillance. This 67 page supplement covers everything you need to run a campaign in the Pearl: districts, maps, government factions, civic organisations, megacorps, crime syndicates, law enforcement and social credit mechanics, modified heat, system tracking, and more!

And did I mention THEY’RE FREE !! YES!! Grab them now gamers!!

Deathtrap Games – LL 2090 Hacking Guide

Brian of Deathtrap Games LINK has gone and made this SWEET Hacking guide – what a great resource for your hacker players, or just new comers to the cyberpunk RPG genre!

Download it for FREE here! DROPBOX LINK 

Class Toolkit Compendium Review by Angel’s Citadel

Not sure if Goblin Scribe Gaming’s Class Toolkit Compendium has what you need? Put your mind at ease friend and wander over to Angel’s Citadel for Josh’s insightful review! LINK

If you’re a physical book person then I have good news – I believe a print version is in the works and coming soon!

Trade Winds – An Items & Services Compendium

Speaking of things coming to print, David McLees (aka Wikisnapper) of Faulty-Wire has been working on a massive (170+ pages!) items and services supplement for LFG – and the proof physical copies are well advanced! I MEAN JUST LOOK AT IT PEOPLE! We’ll keep you posted here with all the deets when it goes live for sale!!!

Mendoza City Map – Unlabelled

For those who may be interested, the Mendoza City map download from DTRPG now also includes a version without district labels LINK

Unlucky Rolls

Sessions 11 – 13 of Trisky’s Necromunda based Lowlife 2090 game are ready for watching! The crew meet House Omega, and venture into an abandoned Mechanicus sector… What perils await!!?  

Shout Outs!

Strictly speaking not LFG or LL 2090 related, but here’s two of my fav indie products from the last two months that you might like to check out :DD

D12 MONTHLY is an old school cool collection of D&D related gaming goodness delivered right to your mail box for FREE! LINK Of course if you like what you see, you can support fellow Aussie Yum DM over at his Patreon: LINK

Issue 5 out now!

MAZE OF THE SCREAMING HEADS from Brian Rideout (of Deathtrap Games) is a 52 page arcane cult dungeon adventure with plenty of old school goodness, including a town and NPC overview, rumour table, hirelings, two terrific maps, random encounter tables, random loot tables, crazy undead talking skulls, new spells, a new magic item, and more. All of this for $4 is an absolute STEAL. Go grab it!! LINK

Community Content

A fabtastic foursome of gaming goulash from Stephen’s Hobby Workshop (Link), Phoenix Mark and Phantompolariod! Thank you for sharing with us lads, greatly appreciated!

  • Knight class by Stephen’s Hobby Workshop: Link
  • Torchbearer class by Phantompolaroid: Link
  • Merchant class by Phantompolariod: Link
  • Usage Die Encumbrance by PhoenixMark of Nothing Ventured: Link

 And that’s it for the last two months, keep on gamin’ y’all!

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