Foe Generator by Maker’s Forge Games

Maker’s Forge Games have released a free Foe Generator for LFG!

For those who might not know, Maker’s Forge Games launched a free LFG Foe Generator at their site last week: Link

It has all kinds of cool stuff, including NPC names, descriptions, loot, even special abilities for leaders – plus combat spell summaries! And it looks great too 😀

Not only that, they’ve got an Advanced Name Generator and other tools coming soon – so be sure to sign up to their newsletter for future updates.

So if you haven’t already – go give MFG’s Foe Generator a spin, and bookmark that sucker for future use!

A big thank you to Maker’s Forge Games for all their hard work – we appreciate it!

Maker's Forge Games banner

Maker’s Forge Games banner copyright Maker’s Forge Games.



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