Q/A Session!

Q/A Session Wed 19 December 7:30pm – 9:30pm Central with Hardboiled GMshoe Dan Davenport.

Wodon be praised! I’ll be talking all things LFG in a Q/A session with Hardboiled GMshoe Dan Davenport at #randomworlds RPG chatroom on Wed 19 December 7:30 – 9:30pm Central 😀

Past guests include Kenneth Hite, Robin D. Laws, Greg Stafford, CJCarella, Jonathan Tweet, Margaret Weis, and Mark Rein-Hagen. I’d love for you to stop by, say hello, and hit me up with any questions you might have. Fruit rinds, broken bottles and old cabbages optional 😉 Hope to see you then!

#randomworlds RPG chatroom: https://tinyurl.com/randomworlds-chat

Hardboiled GMshoe site: http://gmshoe.wordpress.com/


Hardboiled GMshoe pic




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