Rituals of Low Fantasy

Interested in an expansion for ritual magic? What about eldritch patrons? Or a more flexible casting system?

Keith Davies’ of Echelon Game Design is already hard at work producing new LFG compatible content – check out the excellent Ritual of Burnished Amber, Ritual of the Waning Moon, Ritual of Darkened Silence & Ritual of the Tarnished Shield – available now!


A big thank you to Keith for his outstanding work 😀


Image copyright 2018 Dean Spencer, used with permission.

4 thoughts on “Rituals of Low Fantasy

  1. I was thinking about going in this direction myself, having done so with a homebrew RuneQuest 2 game back in the day. I am also thinking about an alternative ‘dark and dangerous’ set of charts for mishaps based on the school of spell used (so a conjuration magical backlash may summon a demon, but an abjuration might painfully drain the sorcerer of all magic for a time, or evocation burn the sorcerer’s blood…). Rituals would look similar (and incorporate a magic item creation system a little like the link here) and Places of Power essentially act like power batteries with dangerous synergistic effects or their own backlash tables and ‘price of power’ disadvantages.

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