September Update

Man of man where do the months go? It’s high time for an update!


First up a preview of the board from Old Mage! Drawn by the crazy talented Damien Mammoliti – check out more of Damien’s work on his Artstation Account!

The latest physical prototype is progressing well, and we’re in the process of uploading the current version to Tabletopia! With a bit of luck I’ll be running online games for interested folks in the next month or two. More info coming soon :DD


Grand Technomancer Dab has very kindly put together a video overview of the LFG Foundry module – be sure to check it out if you’re considering taking the Foundry plunge, or just want a refresher on what’s possible 😀

PLUS there’s been a bunch of general module improvements as outlined below:

Low Fantasy Gaming

  • LFG has been tested and is currently good to go with v10.
  • There will be changes in the future to make sure that we stay compatible, but all rolls and sheets are currently functional with the v10 update.
  • There’ll be an update some time over the next month that will be 1) switching the default Character sheet to the updated one in testing, 2) migrating the data structure to match the v10 changes, 3) adding the Deluxe classes currently absent from the Free PDF version to compendiums, and 4) creating an Armour item that, when checked, will update the Character’s AC (which will be moved from an editable field to a derived stat made up of 10 + Dex Mod + Temp AC + Equipped AC).
  • You are safe to update to v10

Lowlife 2090

An update is expected in the next month or so that will:

  • Move Vehicles from “Items” to “Actors” so that you can put them onto the battlemap,
  • Allow Lifers to be added to Vehicle Actors, so that everyone in one vehicle can make their rolls from a single Vehicle sheet,
  • Automating the Armour item to update the Lifer’s AR when equipped,
  • Automating the Weapon Ammo Consumption and Reloading
  • v10 Update coming soon

Thank you so much Dab for your continuing hard work on the Foundry modules!!


Houstons RPG has released The Hartlib Circle adventure via DTRPG!

In this scenario, the party enters a mysterious forest to investigate tales of a dark and malevolent cult in an ancient castle…. For a meagre $2 you’ll acquire some nice maps, great B&W artwork, and a neat little self contained adventure site concealing some SERIOUS dangers!!


Kane’s Kiln takes a flick through LFG Original and the Midlands setting, giving us his thoughts and insights. Thanks for taking a poke around the LFG sandbox Kane, appreciate it sir!!


Yes gamers it’s a Hobbs TRIPLE treat yo!!

Check out his (i) Outpost Generator video, (ii) Northgate actual plays, PLUS (iii) an interview with the lads at This Ol’ Dungeon podcast 😀 Enjoy!!


Well well well – it’s a TWELVE stack of of temptation for y’all !! – care of Erynion, MadCow, Link, Smirking Giant, Pagaroon, Zhusanjiao Resident, Houstons RPG, Wispy Cloud and Archer!! Phew! Thank you one and all for your contributions, some excellent options here to play with :DD

  • LFG Character Sheet (Excel) by Archer: Link
  • Beastmaster class by Wispy Cloud: Link
  • Power Armour (LL 2090) by Houstons RPG: Link 
  • San Fran Weather & Misc Tables (LL 2090) by Zhusanjiao Resident: Link
  • LFG Cheatsheet by Pagaronn: Link
  • GM Screen Print Outs (Player side facing) by Erynion: Link
  • Expanded Exploits by Erynion: Link
  • Elf (Race as Class) by Smirking Giant: Link
  • Dworf (Race as Class) by Link: Link
  • Kresshlek (Lizardman) PC Race by MadCow: Link
  • Gnomes & Centaur PC Races by Erynion: Link
  • Alternative Armour by Erynion: Link

Alrighty and that’s it for now m’ dice peeps – take care and good gaming to ye!

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