May News!

Wassup gamers – lots to talk about over the last two months SO LET’S GET TO IT!


First off – how about a sneak peak at the six sorcerers of Old Mage!? Character art by the evergreen Daniel Comerci.

Yes – we are still neck deep in prototyping and playtesting – but the rulebook is now looking sharp, as are the dice, and many of the cards…. and we’re expecting our board map soon :DD More previews next post!!


Next up we have a 56 page hexcrawl adventure for level 3-5 PCs – The Queen of Decay by Brian Rideout of Deathtrap Games! The adventure is compatible with LFGΒ and set in Stephen Smith’s upcoming World of Weirth campaign setting.

At $2.50 this adventure is an ABSOLUTE STEAL! There’s a deadly swamp to explore, hallucinogenic plants, priestesses and witches, man eating fungi, mad AIs, undead minions and more!!


What ho!? Can it be – a second adventure!!? This time it’s Fat of the Lamb by Jason Wiebe of Earl of Fife Games!

Alright y’all – this one ain’t no leisurely dungeon delve! FotL is a grim ass survival scenario for Level 1-3 PCs holed up in an isolated, winter-bound outpost…

Prepare thyself for making the HARD CALLS, and prying what you must from the cold, dead hands of your frenemies. Great art, great NPCs, and for $4 (actually $3 now with DTRPG’s “D&D” sale until end of month) this is a 16 page beaut – grab it now!!


Reviews incoming! High Priest Wez over at DM Tales has put together not one but two insightful reviews of Lowlife 2090! The first is a detailed written piece on their site here, and the second an overview video on their Youtube channel πŸ˜€ Thank you Wez for taking an interest in our projects – very much appreciated!!

From what I can tell Wez’s channel is relatively new (maybe a year old?) but already has a bunch of other reviews and RPG commentaries – including OSE, Gamma World, Basic Fantasy, and more – so now’s a great time to jump on board and subscribe!


Todd from Hexed Press interviewed GM Guru Jason Hobbs about life, love and LFG! Well not so much love – but gaming life and LFG for sure ;D As a salesman of high repute, Hobb’s quickly piqued Todd’s interest (thanks Hobbs!) – leading to a follow up video on Luck & Exploits – plus a flick through of Faulty Wire’s Trade Wind’s hardcover!!

Todd has an ABSOLUTE STACK of content on his site – looks like he’s posting every few days on a very wide range of RPG games and topics – including hex crawl tips, OSE, unboxings, read alongs, random encounters – holy shit just a bit of everything folks – so get on there and check him out! And of course Hobbs is still going strong with his West Marches OSE game, and plenty of past LFG sessions over on Mr Hobbs Gamerhood !


Back to Lowlife 2090 for a moment – if you’re interested in a detailed review from a veteran GM who’s run multiple LL 2090 sessions – look no further than Zack Hydra’s review on DTRPG. Check it out here!

Zack is still running Dawn World, LFG and LL 2090 games over on the Planet Hydra Discord – if you want to get in on the gaming action, reach out to him on the LFG Discord for an invite!


Speaking of LL 2090 reviews, Black Steel GMing has posted a concise LL 2090 overview on his Youtube channel – if you’ve got a spare ten minutes, this is a great summary of the game!


Grand Technomancer Dab has overhauled the LFG Foundry module with a number of updates – including a brand new PC sheet!!

Not only is it beautiful – it’s super functional.

First, the majority of the sheet is now static, with all of the most important things remaining through all tabs. Basic character details are now in the header, instead of their own “Bio” tab. All vitality stats have been moved to the sidebar, as well as Attributes and DDM among other things. Skills are now a permanent fixture, since a lot of them have just as much use in and out of combat. You’ll also notice Custom Skills πŸ˜€

Next are the tabs, which have moved over to take up a smaller amount of real estate. Nice and compact but still easy to read.

Features now have a “Uses” column for easy tracking. The Custom Skills are able to be switched to proficient, but only when editing the skill sheet itself (currently clicking on the checkbox is disabled while some kinks are worked out). Lastly, the Short/Long Rest Buttons are a WIP – you can click them, but for now they simply send a message to the chat indicating they’re coming soon.

If you have any feedback on the new sheet – especially how best to implement the Short Rest and Long Rest buttons – please get in touch with Dab on his Discord channel or the LFG Discord.

Dab – as always sir – you are a legend – thank you so much for all your efforts!

** NOTE: as this is a WIP to use the new PC sheet you need to chose the “test” sheet from the drop down menu to switch to the new layout. **

Finally look out for a video from me next week on our Youtube channel about just how quick and easy it is to make a PC using Dab’s Foundry module – roll your stats, drag and drop your class abilities, weapons and gear – and BOOM you’re ready to split some skulls!!


AND BECAUSE WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF DAB – he’s also about 2/3 of the way through his Infernal Bestiary!!

This first volume draws inspiration from the Abrahamic religions (notably Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) and their derivative folklores and myths.

Dab reports he already has around 106 demons done out of 153!! Final numbers are subject to change, and there’s some playtesting and art to be finalised – but WOW that’s a big ol’ bunch of nasty immortals coming our way sometime soon. Ready your holy water and keep an eye out for this one gameroonies!!


WHAT IS THIS BRAVE NEW LAND!?? BohoCaribu has a new setting in the works – The Golden Age of Khares!! If the gorgeous art is anything to go by it’s going to be one hell of a place to explore!!!

Punch it out boys πŸ˜€

More art to feast your eyes on at GAoK’s insta here and if you’re feeling inspired you might consider tossing a coin to the Sage of Khares via Ko-fi


Actual play time! A big thank you Boss Judge JD of JD RPG Productions for very kindly running myself, Coco, Connor, Hook and the legendary Goblinscribe from Goblin Scribe Gaming through another Judge Dredd adventure using Lowlife 2090! This time our unscrupulous crew had orders to save a hacker named Dax from the underworld TV show “Bet Your Life” … before Dax lost his!

Naturally I screwed things up early when June (my Influencer) opened fire on a guard – BUT LUCKILY – Rann-del (Infiltrator), Ender (Gunhand), Tak (Exarch) and Scrivener (Hacker) were able to salvage things and get us back on track. Will the crew save Dax?? Will they find the weapon schematics? Will they earn a fat bonus for killing off the show’s host Baby Bob Nicely!?? Tune in and find out!!


Not strictly LFG, but Brent Taylor released Wondrous Weapons this month on Itch!

This 3 page PDF includes a very interesting take on weapon durability, including magic weapons that diminish over time, encouraging GMs to be more liberal with their magic item loot. The weapon title generator on the last page is great fun; how about a Blessed Sickle of Dragonsbane, Wrathful Trident of Daylight, or the Fancy Mace of the Magi! HELLS YES.

Show BT some love peeps and bag yourself a copy! :DD


It’s a quartet of quizzelment this month with offerings from Steven Sommers, MadCow and Appalachian Hyperborean!

  • Bigfoot Adventure by Appalachian HyperboreanLink 
  • Zealot Class (Dervish & Paragon) by MadCowLink
  • Redesigned (Blank) Stat Block (5e-ified format) by Steven SommersLink
  • LFG Monster Manual Redone (5e-ified format) by Steven SommersLink 

Steven’s 5e style “LFG Monster Manual Redone” in particular is quite a feat – 38 pages in a crisp, clear style with effective use of colour, bolding, and cut outs. And it’s free y’all – enjoy!

And just coz I forgot how EXCELLENT Shail’s recent 1 page Player Rules Reference is, here it is again!

Well that’s a wrap for now gamer kin – hope your next sesh is a great one!

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