Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition

Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition is coming!

Just a quick heads up that LFG Deluxe Edition is in the pipeline, and we have a small Kickstarter planned for December to raise funds for some custom art pieces by Daniel Comerci, Dean Spencer and Matt Forsyth (donโ€™t know them? Google them! Be amazed). 95% of the book is already written and laid out; see the draft contents below for an inkling as to what’s inside ๐Ÿ˜€

We’re planning two versions: one full colour, one b&w with line art (similar to the recent Cultist doc โ€“ same page numbers/layout etc, just different art). PDF and Print on Demand. 100% compatible with original LFG (well, page number references will change).

More info soon!


Some art copyright Eric Lofgren, used with permission.

Some art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.

4 thoughts on “Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition

  1. Very much looking forwards to this – I will be backing the KS. Between this ruleset and the flavour of the upcoming Arkadia game world for 5th edition which I also backed, I will be able to create a low fantasy bronze age game with both the right flavour and crunch.

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