Low Fantasy Gaming – the Cultist

The latest iteration of the Cultist class for LFG.

9 pages, 2 versions – one colour, one B&W (with different line art) – Link to PDF folder

The final version of the cultist will officially appear in Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe Edition, on track for next year. More information coming soon 🙂

In the meantime, have a read of the cultist, maybe give it a playtest if you like. Any feedback appreciated!

Some art copyright Louis Porter, Jr Design, used with permission.

Some art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.

Some artwork by Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art copyright Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

5 thoughts on “Low Fantasy Gaming – the Cultist

  1. This is a very interesting take on a cleric as a class for this game system. Personally, I like the system for its lack of clerics and definitive divine magic caked into the rules. As a worldbuilder designing Gods and religion feels WAY too constricting when I gotta grant domain powers and certainty to their existence. While this is still not a class I’d run in my games, I might take its parts and aspects for players who are playing religious types who want some signs of divine blessing.

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    1. Hi MacDubh, yes I totally understand – I expect many GMs will not want a separate Cultist class for their LFG game (similar to monk or artificer), but equally of all the requests received for LFG, a “Cleric” like class topped the list. Allowing both Cultist & Magic User does impact on the MU however, narrowing their potential theme, and there is additional fiddliness creating new gods, etc – so yes I get where you’re coming from.

      Another reader made an interesting comment – he was going to remove Magic User from his game, and only use Cultists instead. I would not be surprised if a large segment of GMs allow only MU or Cultist, or indeed as you suggest take parts of Cultist and attach them to other classes for a stronger divine theme (in fact I’ve already drafted a Unique Feature for this). On reflection, it would be fairly easy to switch out the Magic User’s DDM table for the Divine Rebuke table, for example.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate the feedback. Hope the above makes sense.


  2. I know the full class will appear on the Deluxe Edition, too bad one can not read it full here to know more about it, or to playtest it in full


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