Midlands Map Download

High res Midlands maps for free download 🙂

Further to my post back on 17 May 2017 (wow that time has just flown by), here are the high definition versions of the Midlands Map for free download.

There are four maps all up: (i) colour with labels, (ii) colour blank, (iii) B&W with labels and (iv) B&W blank. The B&W labelled version appears in the Midlands book at approx. A4 size, but these pics really need to be bigger to appreciate them; they print superbly at A3. If you zoom in on the high res files, you’ll find a host of hidden details – lost ruins and paths, little outposts, even a great wall to the east.

Adding your own site names or icons is easy with MS Paint or GIMP 2.8 (free software), and/or the blank maps allow GMs to start with a blank slate (or have one map for the players, and one for the GM).

The maps were crafted by the ridiculously talented Randy Musseau. See more of Randy’s incredible work here:    Roan Studios

I hope they inspire you (as they did me), and help make your next gaming session a great one.

Link to Map Folder

Art copyright 2017 Randy Musseau, used with permission.

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