City Maps for the Midlands

Maps for the Six Cities of the Midlands 😀

Well despite my confidence that the Midlands PDF would be out in Oct, real life has kicked my schedule to the curb, and looks like it’s end of November instead. The contents, index, bookmarks, art and writing are all done however; I’m now just tidying up bits and pieces, and coming to grips with how to load it onto RPGNow, Lulu, etc.

In the meantime, here’s the six city maps for the region:

  1. Crow’s Keep, where the aging King Uldred holds court, fending off attacks from within as well as incursions from Melek,
  2. Northgate, on the cusp of rebellion, overseen by Nocratha the Stargazer and his Anointed Ones,
  3. Port Brax, ostensibly ruled by Highlord Ipsgrave on behalf of the Crown, but who in reality dances to the jig of the crime gangs,
  4. Northern Vorngard, frontier town of the Varnori, headed by life long raider Jarl Osgerd, the embodiment of “might makes right”,
  5. Southern Melek of the Empire of Nydissia, where Imperator Setirus gathers more legionnaires to his walls every year, his ambitions fixed northward, and
  6. Dol-Karok, mountain fortress of the albino Karoks, decadent slavers of the last remaining dwarves, and keepers of the Lost Roads.

The linked folder contains six labelled maps, as well as six unlabelled versions (for GMs who prefer to insert their own site locations/names). All of the maps are in high resolution and can be zoomed in for a closer view 😀

The maps were crafted by the highly talented Jose Calvo (aka Aoren). Jose’s website is currently under construction, but if you’d like to see more of his work, or inquire about commissions, contact Jose here:

The map border for the labelled cities is by ever excellent Daniel Comerci. Links to Daniel’s site are on the sidebar, be sure to check out his work if you havent already!

These maps appear in the Midlands book/PDF, but I thought I would include the files here for easy download for use as handouts or to modify via Paint, GIMP 2.8, etc.

I hope you find them useful.

Link to Maps Folder

City artwork copyright 2017 Jose Calvo, used with permission.

Map border artwork copyright 2017 Daniel Comerci, used with permission.




8 thoughts on “City Maps for the Midlands

  1. these maps are great and I’m going to use everyone of them. Only have one issue, Vorngard is ruled by a life long raider but the town sits on an isolated lake. Where does he raid at since he can’t get his boats anywhere but this lake?


    1. Hi Charles, yes the Jarl is from the Isle of Varnor, which raids all over the larger continent. The Varnori landed on the northern coast, crossed the white drifts by land and built Vorngard adjacent to the Siltwater
      (Vorngard is only 20 years old in the book). The Siltwater connects by river to Lake Argos (220 miles wide, effectively an inland sea). The great lake extends south west via the Fennorn River. Whether it also branches off into other rivers to the east (concealed in the region map picture by the cliffs) is a matter for the GM to determine. In the book, the default position is the great lake branches out into many smaller inlets that eventually become landlocked.


      1. That makes perfect sense and I can definitely see all the possible plot hooks for that setup. Can’t wait for the book to be done it sounds like it’s full of all kinds of goodness.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Erik, yes if you click on the blue link above, it will take you to the folder with the high rez files to download. Cheers, Steve.


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