LFG Deluxe – Latest Hardcover Proof Photos

Some photos of the latest proof of the Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe hardcover 🙂


weapons pic

conan pic

magic items page

Various images copyright Eric Lofgren, Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, Dean Spencer, Matt Forsyth and Cobalt Sages Creations. Used with permission, all rights reserved. 

16 thoughts on “LFG Deluxe – Latest Hardcover Proof Photos

  1. WOW! Already a huge fan of 1st edition. My go to fantasy game and love all your systems. When will this beautiful new edition be available. I missed the Kickstarter for it.

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  2. One quick question – for somebody who missed the Kickstarter like myself – will the books be any different for Kickstarter backers?

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  3. I’m really digging the setting and am very interested in the hardcover of LFG. Have you a mailing list or should I depend on DTRPG’s follow system?


  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for touching base and very glad to hear you’re liking things so far 😀 We don’t have a mailing list, but if you follow us on DTRPG (or here) that will keep you up to date!


  5. Looks fantastic. I’ve only recently learned of your products and have been supremely impressed by the sword-and-sorcery vibe of the three adventures I picked up this weekend — so impressed that I bought the adventure bundle and the Midlands PDF.

    A lot of people just can’t seem to deliver that swords-and-sorcery feel, but you really have a knack for it. I’ll look forward to owning a hardcopy of LFG Deluxe, and I’ll try to swing by every now and then. Drop me a line any time you want to discuss sword-and-sorcery fiction!

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  6. Thanks very much for the kind words Howard, greatly appreciated! Very glad to hear that S&S vibe is coming through, and it’d be great to chat about the genre sometime 😀 Hope you like Midlands, I’d love to get your thoughts on Deluxe once the print versions are out. Cheers!


  7. Really enjoying it so far. Quite pleased with the way you take what looks like simple monster encounters and complicate it with various factions and possible complications and random incidents.

    I’m also digging the replacement of Wisdom with Willpower and Perception, and the use of Luck. I’ve done something similar when I GM because Wisdom just never seemed to be as useful as those other two. And heroes in sword and sorcery need a little luck now and then, judging by the great old stories.

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    1. Cheers Howard, yes I am a big fan of random events to underscore nothing is set in stone – for both the GM and players. As a GM I love to let the dice decide what happens. Maybe the party will bump into beastmen scouts, or will it be an ancient manticore flying overhead… or perhaps the lost entrance to an abandoned mine…. Any of those would lead to very different outcomes.

      Glad to hear you like the Will, Perc and Luck changes. I certainly believe Will and Perc are better split this way, and for LFG they have very specific roles. Luck is one of the biggest changes – but it opens up opportunities for “moments of greatness” and emphasizes the attrition game.


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