Monsters & Items Preview

A handful of monster and magic item previews from a forthcoming LFG supplement 🙂

Draft, WIP at the moment. No art included as yet, but hopefully still useful to give you an idea of what’s planned – subject to feedback, of course.

For monsters we’re either making new ones or giving traditional monsters an LFG spin. For items, we’re trying to keep them interesting, with useful abilities, and sometimes an odd, inconvenient, or dangerous trade off.

So far we have 100 new monsters, and have started adding magic items (up to number 11 as of today). If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, by all means please comment below, or on our MeWe, Reddit, or Facebook pages 🙂


Preview page 1Preview page 2Preview page 3Preview page 4Preview page 5

Ring artwork copyright Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

2 thoughts on “Monsters & Items Preview

  1. One idea, one that would be well liked by me is the inclusion of East Asian themed monsters, Oni, Kenku, and the like.


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