Blackpowder Toolkit

A seafaring and blackpowder toolkit 🙂

Never heard of the Blackpowder Toolkit, ye say? Well now, open yer buccaneers and listen close. Tis boats and barnacles, pistols and pirates, crow’s nests and cannons; a crisp assemblage of rules and tables for all manner o’ seafarin’ mischief.

Want fast n’ furious ship combat, with abstract positioning, meaningful PC roles, and crackin’ artillery effects? Of course ye do! How ‘bout simple boarding, quick crew vs crew combat, and hand to hand skirmish tables? Aye, there’s no shortage o’ shiny round these parts mate.

Set yer peepers upon ship statistics, ship customization, artillery mechanics, personal blackpowder weapons, and crew advancements. Rules for magic, morale, ramming, sinking, and withdrawing. And last but certainly not least; a coveted caravel map by the gifted Mr Lancaster of Dark Realm Maps.

Blackpowder Toolkit is written for the Low Fantasy Gaming RPG, but is easily adapted to any d20 based RPG. 5e conversion notes are included on p.13.

Parchment and white background files, bookmarked and optimised for fast viewing.


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Some art copyright istock, used with permission.

Some art copyright Matt Morrow, used with permission.

Some art copyright William McAusland and Outland Arts, used with permission.

Some art copyright Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock art, Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games, used with permission.

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