Skill Challenges for LFG, and a Midlands Review

Skill Challenges adapted for LFG, care of David Shamp, and a Midlands Review by David B 😀


It’s a two for one post today – both originally appearing on Googleplus LFG.

Skill Challenges

David Shamp has put together a great rule set for skill challenges adapted to LFG. I really like the heavy emphasis on role play (see p.2), transparency options, the mixing of great success/terrible failure, and possibilities for partial success re the overall challenge. Not to mention the example challenges, any of which are easily dropped into a session (namely (i) navigating a mountain pass, (ii) finding information/contact, (iii) urban chase, (iv) sailing through a storm, and (v) defending walls during a battle).

Thanks Mr Shamp!

Skill Challenges Doc Link

New Midlands Review

Also many thanks also to David B for his comprehensive review of the Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting on DTRPG the other week! Check it out here     😀

Cheers Gents.



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