8 x Pregen Characters

8 x Pregen Character Sheets 😀

With the Midlands low magic sandbox setting almost done, I figure now’s a good time to break out the pregens: 1st level, one for each of the eight LFG classes: Artificer, Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Magic User, Monk, Ranger & Rogue.

They use the illustrated character sheet by Maciej Zagorski of The Forge Studios, and character portraits by Daniel Comerci (links to both artists in the site sidebar).

Note the pregens use random stats (all very capable) and NPC Gear Packs from an earlier post (and in the Midlands book), which is more generous than LFG standard starting gear. On the back page are references to languages from the Midlands cultures, if you need them more generic, simply copy the image into Paint and delete them 🙂 Alternatively, the below folder also includes a blank sheet.

For a game using the pregens, the players need only (i) make up a name, and (ii) roll on the party bonds table to find out how the PCs know each other (if using bonds at all).

Hope you can make use of them, and if there are any obvious errors, let me know so I can fix them 😉

Link: Pregens Folder

Sheet copyright 2017 Majiej Zagorski and The Forge Studios, used with permission. 

Portraits copyright 2017 Daniel Comerci, used with permission. 

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