The Artificer

The Artificer class for LFG.

Work on the Midlands book (a low magic sandbox setting) is in the downhill stretch, but as I tidy up the final text, I thought I would post about the Artificer class which will appear in the PC options chapter (along with the Ranger and Monk).

So what is an Artificer?

For LFG purposes, the artificer is a class that relies on (relatively) advanced technology to achieve wondrous yet wholly non-magical effects; a sort of non-magical wizard. The artificer has abilities themed to a number of scientific fields such as steamworks, magnetism, canned lightning, clockwork, alchemy/chemistry and black powder.

Comparatively speaking, the setting has a much lower level of medieval technology than the artificer employs. But this particular character is intended as a prodigy of invention, rarer even than the genuinely scarce magic users. I imagine them as the Midland’s mad scientist versions of Nikola Tesla, Galileo or Leonardo Da Vinci.

Naturally, this kind of PC will not suit every campaign; it is without doubt the most outlandish/gonzo of the LFG classes, stretching believability with respect to the tech involved. However for those wanting a non-magical wonder-maker, particularly parties absent a magic user, the artificer might fit nicely.

With the above in mind, I went with the following class traits:

  1. Good utility via a range of non-magical abilities, whilst trying to avoid overlapping the magic user’s spells,
  2. Good AoE combat effects,
  3. Some inherent unreliability when using certain inventions,
  4. Unique combat options/mechanics, showcasing the technological theme, and
  5. Relatively squishy, but with moderate armour (reflecting their affinity with metal/forging/crafting).

So here it is. The latest iteration of the artificer. All comments/suggestions most welcome.

The Artificer

Artificer p.1Artificer p.2Artificer p.3Artificer p.4

Various art copyright 2017 Daniel Comerci, JE Shields and Roman Mur (aka sOulafein), used with permission.


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