Renamed Spells for the Midlands

So I happened to be reading the very excellent Scarlet Heroes rpg the other day… and I was blown away by the spell names: Amber Cloud of Somnolence, Tongue of Hidden Conversing, Discern the Spirit Within, etc… so much more flavourful than Sleep, Speak with Dead, and Detect Magic!

The more I thought about it, the more I felt my list of LFG spell names was a bit flat and uninspiring. They’re the names we’ve used for DnD spells forever, and sure they’re familiar and easy to use, which is handy. But with the Midlands setting book on the way, now seemed like a good time to inject some more atmosphere into the spell list.

Which led to this post. I’ve attached a file below renaming all the spells from the LFG book to better fit the underlying “dark & dangerous” theme, and the Midlands setting in general.

Note the spell list in the LFG PDF/book is not going to change. The document below just a bit of fun, a “flavour update” if you will, to hopefully inspire a darker magic tone in your game. If nothing else, it might encourage players/GMs to personalize their PC’s/NPC’s spells (or magic weapon abilities, etc) with cool titles of their own.

So without further adieu, here’s the PDF files (parchment & white, bookmarked, rearranged alphabetically according to the new names). Hope you can find a use for them in your game.

Midlands Magic (Parchment)

Midlands Magic (White)


Skull Candle art copyright William McAusland, used with permission.

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