Tavern Tables

Random tables for Tavern activities 😀

sa-6-10-fci-spots-6-little-seedy-tavernWork on my “sandbox setting” for LFG continues, and I’ve decided to post some draft tables relating to Taverns, hoping for a bit of feedback.

At the link are 3 random tables meant to support GM improvisation:

  1. Taverns (general info),
  2. Menus, and
  3. Patrons

Tavern Tables Link

Note that these tables:

  • Specifically refer to the 5 cultures of the setting so far (all humans – Varnori, Nydissian, Midlander, Karok and barbarian).
  • I’ve borrowed from or bent real world ancient culture names for each “race”, to keep them internally consistent (Varnori/Norse, Nydissian/Roman, Midlander/English, Karok/Spanish and barbarian – well, to be honest, these are just hard/rough sounding dwarf/orc like names).
  • The tables also refer to a few setting specific details (eg some of the Midlander gods, and the Ordo Malefactos)

I intentionally kept the “Patron” table fairly vague/wide. My thinking is GMs should be able to use it in any shop or establishment, not just taverns.

If you have any thoughts, suggested improvements, glaring problems, etc – please let me know! I want to make these tables as useful to GMs as possible. All feedback welcome.

Art copyright William McAusland, used with permission.

2 thoughts on “Tavern Tables

  1. Looks good so far and I will put on my list for 2017 to create a nifty tavern generator.
    There exist already some online but there are not exactly what I am looking for. Do you know of them already? If not, drop me a note and I send you my link-list. I will plunder them all to create the ULTIMATE tavern generator.

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  2. Hi Ahbaron, that’d be great, by all means add them to your tavern generator. And yes I am aware of a few tavern generators – indeed I used some of them for inspiration!


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