2 thoughts on “Dark & Dangerous Magic

  1. Hello S.J. LFG is a truly fantastic game. I was thinking about a path/price to pay for magic in addition to the DDM table that seems to fit the tone of classic swords and sorcery and that is sacrifice, be it self or that of another sentient being. Each level of spell could cost a certain amount of hit points to cast. Starting at 1d4 for a 1st level spell, 2d4 for second level, so the minimum price to pay in HP would be the spell level itself. A spell-caster could takes the cost upon themselves or sacrifice a sentient being(s). Though both have a price to pay the latter reinforces the dark nature of the arts.

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    1. Cheers Darren. Yes I think some kind of “blood magic” / sacrifice mechanic would work well and fit the theme as you suggest.

      Actually, I was thinking about a Unique Ability along these lines recently – some self hp damage, or attribute loss, in exchange for buffing the spell in some way – perhaps even making the casting non-interruptable? Just a thought experiment 😉


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