August Update Yo!

Lots going on these last few weeks! Actual Plays from Hobbs & Friends, NANGCast & Trisky TV, new Community Content, and the 1st proof of Adventure Framework Collection #2 😀

Hobbs & Friends Midlands #19

Holy schizzle Jason Hobbs’ Midlands has at it with a mix of old and new adventurers, facing off against some feathered tentacle beasts. It don’t end pretty folks!

Twitch Link

Midlands 19 pic

NANGCast Episodes 18 & 19

GM Jack and crew rock on with another two NANGCast episodes!

Episode 18 Link

Episode 18: Bridgeton PII, Interrogation and something goes Bang

Continuing the investigation, Grandall has a visit to the jail, the gang regroup to plan the next step and something really does blow the whole case wide open!

Episode 19 Link

Episode 19: Bridgeton PIII, Murder at Makario Mannor

This week the gang decide to spend some time sorting their inventory, Garri and bear both go on solo adventures and there is an adorable scene with a bathtub!

NANGCast Website

Trisky TV Sessions 7-11

WHAT IN THE WORLD – Trisky & Co are absolutely hammering out the gaming on Twitch! So much I’m falling behind, argh!

BEHOLD Sessions 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 !!

Session 7 Link

Session 8 Link

Session 9 Link

Session 10 Link

Session 11 Link

Trisky image Aug

Community Content Update

Five new excellent additions to your Low Fantasy Gaming library care of our Conjurors of Content on the LFG Discord! Why not stop on by and say hello! Don’t make us send out the Inquisitors.

    • Master Community Content Index with Links by MissingAxis Link
    • Aristocrat class by JD RPG Productions: Link
    • Consolidated Treasure Tables by AwesomeChips: Link
    • Monk Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
    • Flagellant class by JD RPG Productions: Link

Adventure Framework Collection #2

The 1st proof of Advenutre Framework Collection #2 has arrived! Looking good, but a number of tweaks were required – with a bit of luck we’ll have proof #2 by the end of August.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s a wrap for early August folks, take care and game on 🙂

2 thoughts on “August Update Yo!

  1. Hi Steve! I couldn’t help not to notice a new DTRP category called “Lowlife 2090” with a “post-apocalyptic” awesome logo, this gets me excited in more than one way. Have I just stumbled on a super secret project? 😱


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