Charity Game Sat Aug 29th!

GM to the Stars Jason Hobbs is running a charity LFG game 4-8pm Central Sat Aug 29th in support of the Heroes Save Villages charity campaign!

Tune in to Hobbs & Friends Twitch to go in the draw to win a Low Fantasy Gaming Hardcover of your choice ๐Ÿ˜€

Come join us and consider donating to a good cause!

New Podcast – The Cast Perilous!

A new podcast has hit the airwaves – The Cast Perilous!

Combining Low Fantasy Gaming and Necrotic Gnome’s most excellent Dolmenwood setting, GM Jeff and players Josh, Kate and Tracey begin their curious adventure. Be sure to check this one out folks, it has a really great atmosphere and the music is superb!

Episode 1: A Song of Goats and Fireflies” (Part 1)

In the first episode of “The Cast Perilous,” we meet Dell the Bard, Beatrice of Woodhall Priory, and Rosemary Springward, as they begin their adventures near the eaves of the Dolmenwood.

Episode 2 coming Sept 1 ๐Ÿ˜€

Adventure Framework #2 Update

Well the cover is sweet but alas the interior still needs a few tweaks, hopefully the next proof will be the final!

Community Content Update

Want more blood and mayhem in your game!? Of course you do, what kind of question is that! Well Missing Axis from the LFG Discord delivers with two fine danger enhancing options for your LFG game – dig in peeps!

  • Flesh & Grit Rules by Missing Axis: Link
  • The Staggering Blow (negative effects when Staggered) by Missing Axis: Link

Lowlife 2090 Kickstarter Almost Here

Last but not least our next major project is about to hit Kickstarter:

Lowlife 2090 – Cyberpunk and Sorcery.

And that’s it for now gamer buds, laters!

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