Weekly Roundup

Hobbs’ Midlands #17, How to RPG’s Fighter Video, NANGCast Episode 16, and new Community Content 😀

Hobbs & Friends Midlands Session 17

Hobbs & Wicked

Old school cool GM Jason Hobbs’ latest Midlands session was a banger with Nordaac the Shortsighted (played by myself), Queal the Ranger (Will DM of Wicked Studios) and Randolph the Rogue (Missing Axis) delving some Second Age ruins… By the end of it Nordaac was down to 6 Luck, which on reflection was probably a bad plan – as I’m pretty sure Hobbs doesn’t allow Luck to recover very quickly between adventures! But hey we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now…. Treasure Bath!

Twitch Link

Midlands 17 pic


How 2 RPG – Fighter Video

How 2 RPG banner

RPG icon Sean from Gaming & BS has launched a new channel, How 2 RPG, including a Most Excellent “How to Make a Fighter in LFG” video! Cheers for the walk through brother – appreciate it 😀

Sean’s also got a Mothership combat video up now, and looks to be on a weekly upload schedule – be sure to like and subscribe for more great content!


NANGCast Episode 16

The excellent GM Jack drops the party into the plague ridden city of Bridgeton in Episode 16 of NANGCast!

Episode 16: The Arrival at Bridgeton: Things go from bad to worse as the adventurers arrive at Bridgeton. A mysterious plague, an ineffectual police system and lots of misinformation. The crew must decide whether to ignore the plight of the people and just move on, or get drawn deeper into the intrigue…

Episode 16 Link

NANG logo


Community Content Update

Two fresh doses of superbium from our Conjurors of Content on the LFG Discord – check it out gamer kin!

  • Ranger Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • A Traveller’s Guide to the Midlands by Complex Deer: Link

And that’s a wrap for this week, cheers all 🙂





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