Review by Dave Thaumavore + Moar!

10 min LFG Deluxe review by Dave Thaumavore + New Actual Plays + Hardcover Giveaway!

Dave Thaumavore LFG Review

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First up a superb 10 min video review by veteran RPG Critic Dave Thaumavore! Beautifully presented, touching on all the main points, with Dave’s well reasoned thoughts throughout. Check it out gamer peeps and subscribe to Dave’s Youtube channel for more poppin’ content!

Hobbs & Friends Midlands Session 16

Yes GM Hobbs, the Most Feared GM in Gaming, is back with Session 16 of his Midlands West Marches campaign! How will Lorena the Magic User, Randolph the Rogue and Olaf the Bitter Whaler fare as they sneak about the ancient ruins? Beware ye the Shades!

Twitch Link

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Hardcover Giveaway Mon 6/22 @7pm Central

A quick reminder I’m playing in Hobbs’ Midlands game on Mon 6/22 @7pm Central

And we’ll be giving away two LFG hardcovers!

If you’d like to be in the draw be sure to tune in :DD

Kermit I'm listening

NANGCast Episode 15

GM Jack & Crew are back kicking ass with a great Owlbear brawl in Episode 15 of NANGCast!

Episode 15: The Butterflys Grove and Owlbears Ahead: This week, darkness surrounds the gang as they delve deeper into the Sightless Woods. Surprises lurk around every corner. If they can’t find their way, any one of them could prove fatal… Also there are Owlbears. Plural.

Episode 15 Link

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Tricksy TV – LFG: Mordheim City of the Damned, Session 4

And last but certainly not least Tricksy is back reprising his skaven character Mange Skritch-Skratch, contining to delve the ruins of Mordheim for shinies… but finding … well….. demonic blobbies instead!?

Twitch Link

Tricksy 4


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