Hardcovers Giveaway!


Hardcover Giveaway 😀

So … on Monday 22 June at 7pm Central, I’ll be playing in Hobbs’ & Friends Low Fantasy Gaming Twitch game. Yes, Noordac the Unwashed, Fighter Level 1, will be braving Hobbs’ West Marches!

To celebrate Noordac’s impending doom, we’re giving away not one but two hardcovers: LFG Deluxe and LFG Companion 😀

If you’d like a chance to win one, jump on the Twitch stream to go in the draw!!

Twitch Link

Deluxe & Companion pic

A Bruhga's Tale thumb

NANGCast Episode 14

Master Storyteller GM Jack & crew are back with Episode 14 of NANGCast!

Episode 14: A Chance Meeting & A Road Less Travelled: The gang finds the light at the end of the tunnel and Gari upsets a group of armed soldiers. Elias runs a foul of the order’s rules and Nyla finds some alarming tracks in the forest. Grandall is also there.

Episode 14 Link

NANG logo

Tricksy TV – LFG: Mordheim City of the Damned, Sessions 2 & 3!

Tricksy is back reprising his skaven character Mange Skritch-Skratch, exploring the sewers of Mordheim  for shinies… beset by his own kind, no less!

And in Episode 3; Beware the Lewds!




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