Fortnightly Round Up!

Ah technically three weeks, but close enough.

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The latest and greatest LFG biz kickin’ the COVID blues to the curb. Get on it!

Gaming and BS Interview with GM Hobbs!

Yes GM to the Stars Jason Hobbs waxes lyrical about about LFG & RPGs with none other than Sean & Brett from Gaming & BS! A 1.5 hour delight you do not want to miss! Youtube link below.


Gaming and BS image 3

Tricksy TV – LFG: Mordheim City of the Damned, Session 1

You know what I love? MORDHEIM! Know what I love even more? MIXING LFG & MORDHEIM! I used to dream about playing a D&D campaign in the ruined city back in the day, and well TRICKSY TV & FRIENDS have gone and done it.

And yes, Tricksy plays a Skaven named Mange Skritch-Skratch. All the Shinies!


Tricksy TV image

NANGCast Episode

The wunderbar GM Jack & crew are back with Episode 13 of NANGCast!

Episode 13: Forest of the Dead: After the dust has settled, Nyla and Grandal discover that they have more in common than they thought possible, things get spooky, and Gari leads the gang up a creek without a paddle…

Episode 13 Link

NANG logo

Master of Reality – Low Fantasy Gaming Wednesdays

Sensualsenpai’s Master of Reality channel just released their Low Fantasy Gaming Wednesdays Part 1! What terrors await Menelik, Iro and Bertrum as they delve into the underground corridors of some demonic cultists!?


Master of Reality image

New Community Content

Keen for some new LFG content? But of course you are! Well we’ve a plethora of new material for you courtesy of our amazing Conjurors of Content on Discord! Come join us brothers and sisters!

  • The Stars are Right by Glenn Fleetwood: Link
  • Skills Amalgamation Sheet by Karfumble:Β Link
  • Fighter Kits by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Sorcery House Rules by TheBoo: Link
  • β€œMedium Magic” Houserules by Glenn Fleetwood: Link
  • 100 Camp Events in a Fey Forest by Stray Sojourner (drawing on various inspirations – note this table is for 5e, but easily modded): Link
  • Weapons of the Midlands by Complex Deer: Link
  • Rogue Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link

A big thank you to all!

Low Fantasy Gaming Compatible black background landscape

Softcover Companion is Out

And last but not least, the Softcover Companion is now available via DTRPG.


Companion Hardcover & Softcover thumb

Which technically brings the LFG Companion Kickstarter to a close.

…. Onto the next Big Project! πŸ˜‰

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