Weekly Round Up!

OK so more of a fortnightly round up, but you know what I mean.

time bandits image

What’s the haps in LFG across the interwebz I hear you say. Behold!

Tabletop Simulator Character Sheet

The Most Excellent Yonatan has gone and made an editable LFG character sheet for Tabletop Simulator!


Tabletop Simulator Char Sheet Thumb

Hobbs & Friends

This fortnight two fine offerings from the one and only GM Hobbs. Firstly a very exciting Con game using Adventure Framework #39 A Debt Unpaid, modified for 3rd level. Beware the Gorrog!

Twitch Link

A Bruhga's Tale thumb

And secondly an interview with yours truly about life, love, and Low Fantasy Gaming. Well actually scratch the first two, but there’s plenty of chit chat about LFG. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my camera to work and I was wearing my favourite sweater and everything. But Hobbs sure looks nice.

Interview Link

Hobbs interview thumb

Out of Character RPG

Another double tap! Firstly Outstanding and Out of Character GM Anthony & lads bring home the bacon with a bell ringer final Silent Gods episode!

Youtube Link

Silent gods finale thumb

AND THEN Anthony, Alexander, Steve & Richie return with a great review about the system; what they liked, what they loved, and what was OP! Gentlemen thank you for taking the time to do all this; the campaign was super fun to watch, you guys are great – much appreciated! Gamer peeps be sure to subscribe to the OOC RPG channel on Youtube because they’ve got Beyond the Wall coming up next!

Youtube Link

OOC review thumb

NANGCast Episodes

Exemplary GM Jack is back with two more podcast episodes of NANGCast!

Episode 11: A Light in the Dark, A Revelation Underground, and Episode 12: The Battle of the Windmill – including a most awesome mass battle scene with invading skorn!!

Episode 11 Link

Episode 12 Link

NANG logo

Softcover Proof Update

LFG Companion’s final softcover proof is expected next week. We’ll post another update then 😀


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