Psion Class

A draft Psion class for Low Fantasy Gaming

So we’ve had a crack at the Psion!

Note this version has place holder art (from Deluxe, actually) and is a draft. It’s received very limited playtesting to date and will undoubtedly change over the next few months. However we’re super keen to receive any feedback you might have! So if you get a change to give it a squiz, or a quick play, please let us know how it goes! (Here or on Discord, MeWe, Reddit or Facebook! Pick your poison 😉

Massive shout out to community members Joseph Hepler (Psionicist), David Collins (Oracle) and Seadaily (Psychic Mysteries) for the tremendous inspiration their classes provided during our development process! Hats off to you gentlemen!

We’re teetering on a few name choices for this class. Psion is obviously in the mix, but so is Psionicist, Psychic, Augor, Lucent (related to the Midland’s Lucentum), Seer, and Psycor. Do you like any of these? Hate any of them? Do you have a better name – by all means let us know!

Dropbox Link

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