Low Fantasy Gaming Companion – Live on Kickstarter!

LFG Comp Live on Kickstarter image

Monsters. Magic Items. Downtime. Domain Management.

More materials, tools, and optional rules for use with Low Fantasy Gaming RPG and similar systems. Behold!

  •  100+ New Monsters to terrorize your adventurers.
  •  50 Minor Charms (minor magical items that don’t require attunement).
  •  40+ Major Magical Items, individually illustrated, with concise histories set in the Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting (easily refluffed for other worlds).
  •  Perilous Magic Table; a less “dark” but no less dangerous variant of the LFG Dark & Dangerous Magic table, which might better suit some game worlds.
  •  XP System; an alternative experience point leveling system that rewards exploration, braving danger, and looting – customizable by the GM to emphasize themes of their choosing – with slower progression as PCs gain higher levels.
  •  25+ Unique Features as further examples of PC customisation to inspire your players.
  •  Downtime Expansion; whether it’s new things for PCs to spend their ill gotten gains on, or GM tables to make Downtime more interesting, we’ve got you covered with Artificing, Alchemy, Attunement, Black Market Trade, Carousing, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals, Gambling, General Research, Healing, Herbalism, Languages, Local Events, Magical Research, Masterforged Items, Obligations, Pets, Pit Fighting, Potion Brewing, Professions, Profiteering (side businesses), Reputation, Rumours, Scroll Inscribing, Skills, Thievin’ (criminal activity), Training, and Weapon & Armour Accessories.
  •  Domain Management; guidelines for the trials and tribulations of PC base builders, including Acquiring Land, Construction, Special Purpose Buildings, Garrisons, Servants & Specialists, Overseers, Domain Events, Law & Order, and Population Morale. Note this chapter is still being written and playtested, and will likely change based on feedback as we near completion.

More details here: Link

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