8 thoughts on “Low Fantasy Gaming: Companion – Kickstarter Incoming

    1. Hi Gary, so far 100+ monsters, 50 Minor charms, 40+ unique Major magic items with concise histories, XP leveling option, massive Downtime expansion (emphasis on things for PCs to spend gold on), Perilous Magic table (less “dark” version of DDM table), Unique Features, Domain management (this last one is WIP).


      1. I’m going to use this to run the WFRP 4e Enemy Within campaign when it comes out. Other than Forbidden Lands, this is *easily* the best and most creative FRPG out there.

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  1. @S J Grodzicki: I’m already in love with the Deluxe edition (IMO it shouldn’t be called Deluxe, as it should be THE core/main edition of your game; the improvements to the earlier free version are enough to make this a different game IMO). I’m wondering though if the Companion will include new Classes, new Spells and new Unique Features?

    New Unique features are really important in my opinion; I’m glad the deluxe edition added example unique features so we don’t have to poach any from other games or make our own; It cuts down on arguments and its always better to have an ‘official’ version so we can spend more time playing and less in decision paralysis. I just wish the game had more of them and called them Talents (or feats), hopefully a future supplement will introduce a boatload more.

    Regarding Spells, while I really like that you renamed the spells and tweaked some of them, (as I was turned off in the earlier free edition having the same OGL spells), its still reskinning the same OGL spells. I’m hoping for unique spells that reflect Low Fantasy and/or Sword & Sorcery. Sort of like what DCC did. And perhaps a Patron type system, that would be awesome to reflect S&S magic. Perhaps casters can take more risks (more chance for DDM for instance, or multiple DDM rolls) to be able to cast higher level magics at lower levels.

    Low powered magic such as in LOTR would also be great as an optional magic system, or a different magic style. The Heroic Fantasy Handbook by Autarch (for Adventurer, Conquerer, King) did this and it works quite well to replicate LOTR type magic. Same with Deciphers magic system in their LOTR RPG system back in the day.

    Finally, I would like some more classes. Say a warrior mage type (inspired by Elric), a D&D type Warlock, etc.

    Anyhow, this is a great game with a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see what more you do with it.

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    1. Morgoth thank you for the kind words and taking the time to relay your thoughts. Yes I agree Deluxe is really the core book now, replacing LFG original. Companion does have new Unique Features, but at the moment not classes or spells – at least not in the current draft. I think we could probably add some new spells pretty easily. Classes on the other hand are much trickier. But quite a few folks have requested a non-vancian MU variant – will think on that further. I do know some GMs use the Cultist as their world’s MU, but with the DMM tally/table. That might suit you better.


  2. Great! Perfect timing! Are there plans to expand on the ideas for (humanoid or other) player races, other classes or even races as class? I must admitt the last one especially got me really hooked in combination with unique features this could an interesting general approach. I am think along the lines of all races as classes with unique features for customizing purposes….

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