Actual Play Videos

Not one, not two, but THREE new Actual Play videos coming soon!

When it rains, it pours:

Hobbs image

First up, Hobbs & Friends will be streaming LFG on Twitch on 5 October! And later released onto Youtube for posterity. In the meantime be sure to check out their excellent podcasts and Youtube vids 😀

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

Podcast Link

Discord Link

Dungeon Musings

Secondly we have Dungeon Musings kicking the LFG tyres using their Thule setting sometime in October (date TBA) on Youtube. If you’d like to participate in their drop in game, be sure to let them know on their Discord server! Tonnes of good stuff on their channel to keep you occupied day and night.

Discord Link

Youtube Link

Greyhawk Adventures        Wicked Studios logo

And finally, Wicked Studios’ will be throwing the LFG lightning switch on their Greyhawk Adventures Twitch stream! Can’t wait till then? Check out their awesome Ghosts of Saltmarsh videos (amoungst other games) right now on Youtube!

Twitch Link

Youtube Link

Discord Link

Facebook Link

Massive THANK YOUS to Hobbs & Friends, Dungeon Musings and Greyhawk Adventures for giving LFG a whirl on their shows – YOU ROCK!



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