Old Mage Cancelled

** UPDATE: Alas we weren’t able to reach that magical 30% funding in the first few days, so we regrettably cancelled this campaign. Maybe next year? But for now, onto the next project **

Read the Cancellation Update Here

Yes Gamer Peeps the Magepocalypse has come!! (hmm, perhaps that would have been a better title?)

If you’d like a beer & pretzels game of Magic, Monsters & Mayhem (and who wouldn’t!!??) – now’s the absolute best time to check out Old Mage and lock in your Early Bird Bonus! 

  • 15% Discount on Old Mage!  PLUS 
  • Up to USD 60 worth of FREE PDFs from our DTRPG games catalogue! Choose from Low Fantasy Gaming Deluxe, Low Fantasy Gaming Companion, Lowlife 2090, Adventure Framework Collections 1 & 2, and/or Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting! Oh yes, only the finest, most funtastic RPG materials of modern invention are on offer my friends (even if I do say so myself ;))

After 18 months of development, will Old Mage reach our minimum 500 Backers!? Well we sure hope so, but if not, I can genuinely say it’s been a real joy working on this game with all the people involved, and we’ve learnt a MASSIVE amount about producing physical books, boxes, cards, dice, boards, tokens, freight, customs … and VAT (ugh!)

… Which I expect will stand us in good stead for an RPG Boxed Set in the near future 😀

Thank you again for your support one and all, it is very greatly appreciated – Have a terrific week and happy gaming!

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