Feb Update!

Wow it’s practically March – hope y’all have enjoyed some great gaming already in 2023 🙂 Here’s the latest on Old Mage, Low Fantasy Gaming, Lowlife 2090, and more!


Alrighty alrighty well first things first – Old Mage is coming to Kickstarter 14 March!!

Old Mage cannot yet take physical form, but its spirit echoes with dread potency! Do you seriously think your wallet can contend with the will of battle dice, spell carnage, and undead sorcerers!? There are none that can! We must join with them… Join with Old Mage. It would be wise, my friend 😉

But seriously, if you’re interested in a beer & pretzels game of Magic, Monsters & Mayhem, be sure to give us a Follow to receive a launch email and catch our Early Bird Bonus:

  • (1) Discount on Old Mage, plus
  • (2) Complimentary PDFs from our DTRPG games catalogue, which includes for example Low Fantasy Gaming, Lowlife 2090, Adventure Framework CollectionsMidlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting, and more!

If you’d like further details, Kevin of Always Board Never Boring has put together a superb overview. Just look at that board. Exquisite!! mwah!


JD RPG Productions has released Class Compilation Vol II, with SEVEN new classes (Aristocrat, Artisan, Feldsher, Flagellant, Occultist, Serpentman and Urgot), Recipes table, Hideous Mutations table, Unique Features, and Designer’s Thoughts. At a suggested price point of $3, that’s a 45 page BARGAIN!! Who doesn’t want to play a Scaled One or hideous mutant!? Scoop it up m’peeps!!


Grand Technomancer Dab has a double barrel gaming blast for us this month!

Firstly the very cool Demonologist class! I love the Sigil abilities with their own themed Mishap tables, Demons & Spirits (with research checks built in), Summoning rituals, and mysterious lore. A superb download – and it’s free – grab it while you can y’all!

And Secondly more wonderful updates for the LFG Foundry module. Many thanks Dab!!

  • Added section in Equipment for Alternative Currency so that users can choose and record their own currencies.
  • Hit Dice roll now updates Current and Max HP when rolled. Preferred method is to roll HD from an unlinked NPC token, though it can be done from the Actor sidebar as well.
  • Added HD Bonus input and modified HD roll to include bonus (for monsters with Hit Dice like “2+4 HD”).
  • Included “1d4 HD” and “1d6 HD” for monsters with less than 1 HD. This only works on one selected token at a time to reduce accidentally selecting multiple monsters of different HD and updating them all.
  • Some bug fixes (Custom Skills, Rest Will Bonus).


In the wake of the appalling Wotc OGL debacle, T-Shirted Historian kindly reviewed LFG Deluxe, LFG Companion and Lowlife 2090. I’m very pleased to report he liked them! Thanks so much for the shout out TSH; greatly appreciated!!


It’s a triple treat from Mr Hobbs care of several pick up games, what a great way to kick back and relax this fine afternoon 😀


Moose Lodge Games of Golden Age of Khares fame has released a Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-SA 4.0) and related SRD, under the banner of “Adventures in Khares.” Lots of mechanics and lore in here to peruse my friends; I particularly like the Luck (Con) death save variant, poisons, drugs, dungeon turns, xp for gold, and MAGIC ITEMS YO!!


And last but not least, Tardis Captain blogged about making an LFG PC as part of the 2023 Character Creation Challenge on his Blog of Holding – check it out if you’d like to see Golarth the Ranger come to life!

And that’s it for Feb gamer friends, have a great weekend!

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