Merry Xmas Y’all!

Happy Holidays Gamer Friends! Herein be the Latest Happenings 😀

Class Toolkit Compendium Softcover

Goblin Scribe Gaming’s Class Toolkit Compendium is now available in softcover and has already hit silver best seller!!

  • 190+ New class abilities to customize your favorites! (Including the Psion & Druid)
  • The Druid Class: A wild shaping druid, inspired by classic fantasy themes
  • The Folio of Classic Races: A quick guide for using new races in Low Fantasy Gaming, emulating old school feels of the game that started it all! (14 in total)
  • A few new weapons scattered about!
  • 2 New Unique Features, Druidic Gifts (Cross Class) & Find Familiar.

For $10 the PDF & softcover combo is an absolute bargain – go grab it y’all! Or if you would like to WIN a copy – catch the next Hobbs & Friends actual play session (see below) to go in the draw!!


Trade Winds Standard Hardcovers Now Available!

Further to the announcement last month, Faulty-Wire Games’ (LINK) Trade Winds An Items & Services Compendium is now also available in Standard Colour LINK

170 pages of gear related excellence – see our post last month for details or even better WATCH RPG CRAWLER’S REVIEW RIGHT HERE!!

John C. C. Swinford Triple Treat!

It’s a Triple Treat bonaza from John C. C. Swinford (aka Jack-E-Boy from LFG Discord) this month with ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF:

  1. A very fun Alchemist class, including a d100 Alchemical Imbalance table :DD Link
  2. One page Encumbrance sheet using Faulty Wire’s Burden system (from Trade Winds): Link
  3. And last but certainly not least, Gifts of the Earth: a crafting system with 30+ wondrous materials for your PCs to find and use to craft unique items with special properties! Fancy a rope made of the near inseverable Dwarfroot, armour forged of resilient Bulette chitin, or a pot of the explosive Serpentine Powder? Well of course you would!! But that’s not all – also included in this PDF is a SWEET d100 Trinkets & Curios table, the Alchemist class, and an alternate currency system. And frankly it’s all beautifully laid out with great colour pics!! We would LOVE to see this in print at some point: Link

Out of Character RPG videos

Out of Character RPG‘s Lowlife 2090 Sessions 5 & 6 are out – The World Underground and Corporate Sabotage!

At first not everything goes to plan for the lifers this time around as they take on Mendoza City’s tunnels, filled with mutants, monsters, and mystery! Then an old nemesis returns… and the crew make a run against Pan Helix Pharmaceutical’s – it’s a hell of a ride folks – check it out!!  

Holy Hobbs Batman

Holy Hobbs Batman GM to the stars Jason Hobbs is back with a new mini campaign: The Lost Lake!

Actual Plays 2, 3, 4 & 5 just dropped in the last six weeks, and now’s the perfect time to get up to speed – Hobbs is giving away a softcover of the Class Toolkit Compendium by Goblin Scribe Gaming!! All you have to do is say something in the next session’s chat to go in the draw to win!!!

So far the party are stranded in the Suurat Jungle after a caravan attack, struggling to avoid hostile saurians, vomitors, and poisonous snakes as they search the wilds for treasure and shelter… In typical Hobbs style there’s been a few deaths and mutilation – but what’s a game without a little danger??

Community Content

  • If you’re handy with installing programs and would like one that generates NPCs for you in a jiffy, be sure to check out Link’s NPC Generator! Link
  • Or check out JD RPG Productions Artisan class for FREE right here! Link

And that’s the Nov to Christmas round up folks. Have a wonderful end of year break, and be sure to pile up your plate with an extra side of gaming :DD

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