Weekly Round Up!

Time for this week’s LFG Round Up from across the interwebz!

See the full video by Peter van Rij here! Link

Hindsightless Podcast

First Up newcomer Joe the Blind Rat, veteran GM of the Weal or Woe Show, and host of the Hindsightless RPG commentary podcast. The Rat has been nibbling at LFG in recent weeks, and released three bite size podcasts with his thoughts. Thanks for checking us out Joe – All Hail the Blind Rat!


Hindsightless thumb

Abhorrent Vacuum – RPG Tasting Menu

Next is recent arrival Abhorrent Vacuum’s RPG Tasting Menu: #1 Low Fantasy Gaming.

Eric Jeitner & friends took LFG for a spin using our introductory adventure framework Gift of the Silent God, and reports back with this terrific write up. Appreciate you taking the time Eric, glad you guys enjoyed it!


Abhorrent Vacuum logo

Hobbs & Friends – Midlands #12

Everyone’s fave OSR Arbiter GM Hobbs is back with Midlands #12! Join Ulf, Holni, Thorson & Borgar as they investigate the missing woodsmen of Landmentowne!


Midlands #12 Thumb

Out of Character RPG – Silent Gods Episode 3

OOC RPG veteran GM Anthony Snr returns to continue the antics of Lord Guy, Larious Mendal, One Eye’d Wayne and Chama Chama, as they explore the horrifying flesh dimension they found themselves in last session! Apparently there’s a young girl lost inside that they need to retrieve. What? No. No demons. Who said anything about demons?


OOC ep 3 thumb

NANGCast – Nyla’s Backstory Episode

Storyteller Jack Baker and Bex Smith regale us with a little more about everyone’s favourite Elf Nyla, exploring her childhood, and what led her to leave the safety and comfort of her home in the Elven Forest…


NANG logo

Latest Community Content

For those interested in some new rules options, here’s just a smattering of the latest Community Content for LFG!

  • Weapons of the Midlands by Complex Deer: Link
  • Rogue Class Abilities Kit by Brad Ohlman (Goblin Scribe): Link
  • Grim Keeper death variant by TheBoo: Link
  • Arcanist by Seadaily: Link

Low Fantasy Gaming Compatible black background landscape

Companion Softcover Proof

And last but not least, the latest softcover proof of Companion has arrived. Interior is all good, but the cover needs some tweaks. Hopefully it will be ready in the next four weeks or so.

Companion Softcover WIP pic

Happy Easter y’all, keep washing those hands, and stay out of melee range 😀

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